MilkingCloud Application Interface and Environments

Dairy Cloud Mega Pack

MilkingCloud is a herd management software. You can use it without installing any devices on your dairy farm. You can manually enter your animal data via the mobile application or computer. Dairy Cloud Mega Pack is for dairy farms only.

What does the Dairy Cloud Mega Pack includes?

It provides unlimited animal tracking in your facility.

You can add or delete as many users as you want.

You can use it online via mobile application and computer.

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What Can You Do With MilkingCloud?

You can record the detailed examination and vaccination information of the animals in your herd.

You can see the animals ready to be inseminated, the animals that have reached the time of pregnancy control and the animals that need to go dry off period in one screen.

With the ration section you can prepare a special ration program for an animal in the herd. You can do it for every cattle.

You can visit our MilkingCloud YouTube channel for detail screen views.

How Much is Membership? What are the Renewal, Refund and Cancellation Terms?

MilkingCloud Dairy Cloud Platinum Pack is 3 years usage fee of 899 USD.

Package prices vary according to the total number of animals on the farm.

Your subscription will not be renewed automatically after 3 years.

If you wish to renew again at the end of 3 years, you will have to pay 3-years fee once your MilkingCloud Dairy Cloud Mega Pack expires.

You can use all of the features of your MilkingCloud Dairy Cloud Mega Pack as stated above for 3 years membership.

In the last days of the expiry of the package period, notifications are sent.

In case of payment by credit card, no refund or cancellation will be made.

Write to us to learn more details about and to purchase MilkingCloud Herd Management Software.

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