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Generating cutting-edge technologies for dairy communities

About MilkingCloud

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge M2M herd management solutions for farmers. As MilkingCloud, we provide smart, easy-to-use, and up-to-date solutions which help farmers to increase productivity and improve the sustainability of their businesses.

We do know our growing responsibilities to our customers as more and more people rely upon MilkingCloud herd management solutions. Our purpose is to produce ever-growing herd management technologies to serve the best value for our customers. In this sense, we are here, with our after-sales service, to fully understand the needs and expectations of our customers and deliver solutions in the most effective way.

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We are working to expand the comfort-zone of farmers.

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We work in collaboration with college academicians and technology investors. One thing that we give importance a lot is the synergy of our teams.

We, at MilkingCloud, run our business by putting agility at the heart of operations because we are aware the fact that innovation happens in complex and dynamic environments.