Cattle Weight Records

Thanks to the MilkingCloud, you can group your cattle as you wish and view the information of all the animals in the created group from a single screen

Livestock Scale
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Professional Weight Monitoring

In a commercial beef cattle operation, the weight of cattle has a significant impact on profitability. Especially, the weight of heifers will have a major impact on profitability.

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Feed Requirements
Feed Requirements

Generally, lighter cows will tend to eat less and, as a result, will have lower feed requirements and be more cost-effective to maintain

Cattle Values
Cattle Values

The most important determinant of the value of cattle in a commercial herd will be live weight. As a result, heavier cattle can potentially yield higher returns.

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Perfect Balance.
The Perfect Balance

Balancing the feed requirements and values of cattle is an important consideration for beef producers

Optimized Parameters for Beef Cattle

When individual weights of the animals are entered, the system automatically calculates the average weight of the section where the animals are located. You can compare animals with each other or against one another. This way, you can easily track your fattening performance on a single screen.

✓ Easy daily tracking
✓ Weight comparison for both individual and herd
Optimized parameters for the beef cattle

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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We also use the Mastitis Detection Device. Thanks to the notifications sent to my mobile phone, I can keep milk health under control in my animals. With the daily reminders and reports, I stay informed about the condition of all my cattle on the farm. I'm very satisfied, thank you for your efforts...


Şerbetçioğlu Farm / Edirne/Keşan

It's a device I use on my farm to increase milk quality and productivity. The best aspect for me is that it integrates with my herd management system. It's very easy to use. In addition to keeping me informed about my animals' conditions, the benefits it provides are visibly significant in a short period of time.


Ceyda Dairy Farm / Cyprus

Since installing the Mastitis Detection Devices in my milking parlor, the notifications on my phone allow me to direct the veterinarian for treatment without wasting time. The veterinarian on my farm doesn't have to do individual testing on each animal anymore. We saved both time and money, and got milk quality under control.

Nesip İlter ALTAN

Nesip Bey Farm / Karaman/Sazlıyaka Köyü


You can enter weight records for your selected animal on the specified date from the past.

After selecting the group you want, the system will automatically generate weight averages and a graph based on the weights you have entered.

You can correct each added weight data by clicking the pencil icon and delete it by clicking the red button.

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