MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software

Herd Tracking System Modules

Herd Management


MilkingCloud software helps you to manage your herd. An easy way to track livestock.

Daily Routine


Daily reminders and advanced reporting features produce animal specific data for dairy management.



Register whatever rationing scheme you may desire to apply for Rationing of Feed to be consumed by Dairy and Beef Cattle.

Milk Yield


Track the milk yields per animal or for the entire herd, on demand with MilkingCloud Dairy Software.

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring


Manage breeding, insemination and fertility data to achieve reproductive success.



Track vaccination and examination records with cloud-based software.

Cost Calculations


Manage all of your operation’s income and expenses on a single screen.



By aggregating and evaluating all inputs the system can make recommendations for future applications.

Registered User

Track Your Dairy/Beef Operation With Milking Cloud

MilkingCloud Application Interface and Environments

Customer Reviews

We can enter our records from a phone, a Tablet, or a PC, without any distress. We were able to intervene on time when the system promptly informed us of animals to be examined for pregnancy or to be dried off. By entering the daily milk quantities, we conveniently had access to supply quantities of our milk available to companies. By keeping a full record of our total animal assets and which calf was delivered by which animal with respective dates, we established a reliable knowledge record of our operation. In addition, you have the chance to view all data directly from within the program since it is integrated with M2Moo Heat Detection. I strongly recommend MilkingCloud software for everyone, because it is not too complicated, on the contrary, it is an effortless application.

Müşteri Yorumları - Ali Buğra BAYKAN - ABM Veterinerlik
The biggest trouble I have in my farm was the subsistent inability to track and learn about the actual conditions of the animals. I coded lots of macros and created countless files in Excel, consistently facing a lot of problems in each of my attempts. I took a look at the prices of available software when browsing the net, and found out that cattle management software were really expensive, and many were not operating just the way I want. Finally I ended up at MilkingCloud, a marvellous utility that works fully online and a keen and reliable friend that never leaves you regardless of wherever you are, as long as you keep your smart phone in possession. You can record insemination status and milk yields for your animal. It is quite easy to use: it allows you to receive necessary notifications and track your data either from a cell phone or a computer. I recommend MilkingCloud software for everyone.
Mithat KUSEYRİOĞLU - Farm Owner
Farm Owner

Features & Functions of Herd Management Software

Dairy and Beef Farms

With modules designed specifically for dairy and beef farming, we have prepared a program that fits your operations perfectly.

It was specially developed for Dairy Cattle Farming and Beef Cattle practices. Either track cattle individually or group your animals and display all reports with a single click.

Herd Management Software

Track dairy cows and beef cattle easily and actively.

To learn about tracking for dairy and beef farms, you can always watch the videos prepared for every step. With the upcoming MastiPro, you will be able to diagnose Mastitis early in cows.

Cattle Animal Tracking

A Herd Management System exclusively developed for cattle tracking.

Livestock Management has never been this easy. All data on dairy cows are right next to you. A new era for Dairy Cattle Management.

The Entire Herd is at Your Fingertips

All the data is on your phone with the mobile app.

All you need is your cell phone to see how much milk has been produced during the day or learn which cow has reached heat on your farm, which can be seen from a remote location. Never stop to ask, “When did I inseminate this cow the last time?” when standing in front of it, but instead take a quick look at the app on your cell phone.

Online Herd Tracker

Track the cattle on your farm and easily monitor raising efforts.

You can access the system using a browser on your PC or the mobile app on your cell phone. No physical installation required on your farm.

Old Data New System

Put an end to keeping schedules and Excel data.

The animal registration system lets you move all your animals to the new system. Until today, farmers have tried to manage their data in very different environments. You can easily migrate all your old data to the new system, regardless of whether the previous system was based on software installed on your computer or another Excel-like method.


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