MilkingCloud General Terms of Use

Access to this website and the use of the site are subject to the following conditions. Your use of this website signifies your acceptance of these terms. We, as the site owner and service provider (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Provider"), reserve the right to terminate this website or these General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Service Agreement, and Sales Agreement Terms, or to amend them in whole or in part. Such changes may be made at our discretion and without prior notice, and they shall become effective upon being published on the site. Therefore, we recommend that you review the terms each time you visit this website to pay attention to any changes or amendments that may have been made.

1. Monitoring/Changes to Terms of Use

i.From the moment you start using the site, you gain the right to access, use, and receive commercial communications, commercial electronic messages, specific services, interfaces, and features offered through or via this site or other related sites, and this is subject to the terms and conditions set forth here.

ii.Entering this site and using the site implies that you have read and accepted the general terms of use. There is no requirement for any form of "acceptance declaration" to be taken or created for this.

iii.Optionally, for any service provided by the Service Provider, if it is required to become a member or make an explicit acceptance declaration, you will be deemed to have accepted these terms of use by selecting the "proceed to payment and complete the payment" steps.

iv.If you think you cannot comply with the obligations stipulated in the General Terms of Use and privacy provisions or meet the approval/authorization conditions, or if you are not of the age required for the validity of your acceptance declaration, or if you are restricted (your acceptance declaration will not have legal validity), do not use this site and services.

v.Special additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of certain services on the site or interactions with these services.

2- Utilization of Content and Services

i.The use of services provided on the site is subject to the terms and conditions set forth here, Operational Working Conditions, Service Agreement, and the regulations of relevant other contracts and legislation and permissions and limitations prescribed by law.

ii.Some of the content ("Service Content") on the site, including logos, trademarks, promotional materials, data files, written text, information, news, opinions, recommendations, advertisements, announcements, sound, music, video, photographs, visuals, and similar content, may be published by the Service Provider, while others may be provided from other sources.

iii.Information belonging to third parties and quotations made on the site are for promotional purposes. The Service Provider and/or the owners of this content have the right to change the content and terms of service without notice.

iv.Users do not have the right to sell products or services, make commercial advertisements, announcements, or engage in commercial activities by using site pages, services, or service content unless otherwise specified by the Service Provider.

v.The Service Provider has the right to determine the site and service content as desired and may provide the site and services with advertisements and promotions. The Service Provider may change its application and fees regarding advertisements as it wishes and at any time.

vi.Users/Members are required to sign or approve the relevant sales agreement before purchasing any product/service through the Site. All terms and conditions related to the sales transaction are regulated in the relevant contract, and the Service Provider does not assume any responsibility or provide any guarantees beyond those prescribed by the relevant legislation.

3.Accessibility and Use

i.The Service Provider has the right to use the address, email, landline, mobile phone, and other contact information specified by the user in the registration form on the site or updated by the user later for the purpose of promoting services and campaigns offered by the Service Provider.

ii.The Service Provider is not responsible for any changes, deletions, or any other situation related to information previously declared by the user due to the sharing of the password given to the user who is a member of the web site with third parties or due to any reason caused by the user or the user.

4. Membership Conditions

i.Registration:The use of the Services of the Service Provider is subject to the Membership/Registration requirement. The Service Provider may organize different membership categories, change existing categories, and may request some identity and contact information during registration, may partially or completely charge for the Services or may impose restrictions on the Services.

ii.Username and Password:The Member is given or created by the Member.

iii.Membership Information:The User is responsible for any kind of (i) identity information, (ii) contact information, or (iii) User Content entered during registration or sent through this Site and Services. The identity and contact information provided during registration is accepted to be up-to-date, accurate, and reliable. The responsibility for storing the username and password belongs to the Member. The Service Provider is not responsible for the unauthorized, illegal, or unauthorized use of the username and password. In cases of unauthorized and unauthorized use, the Member who caused the damage and damage suffered by the Service Provider or third parties is responsible. The entire responsibility for the transactions made through the membership account, if any, belongs to the Member. The Member is obliged to take necessary measures and inform the Service Provider when he/she learns that the username and password are used without authorization or attempted to be taken over.

iv.The Service Provider may request the update of membership information and password change at specified time intervals, otherwise, it may suspend or restrict the service. The Member is obliged to fulfill these requests.

5. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

i.The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Site belong to the Service Provider.

ii.Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual and industrial property/copyright or usage license rights of commercial logos, trademarks, domain names, and other elements located on the Site belong to the Service Provider. Unless specifically stated, these terms do not give Users the right to use or dispose of these.The intellectual and industrial property rights of the Site belong to the Service Provider.

iii.The Site, in whole or in part, may not be copied in any way (such as by printing, saving to disk, placing on another site, downloading in any other way) and may not be reproduced, distributed, published, lent, or the content may not be altered or destroyed. Copying or using sample copies of Site elements or forms owned by Service Provider is prohibited.

iv.The intellectual property rights of the name, logo, mark, and other materials of third parties provided as part of the Services on the Site belong to the content providers/right holders.

v.The User agrees not to collect any data on the Website, not to access the Website's database.

6.Lower and Upper Links

On this site, there may be sub-sites operated by third parties that the Service Provider does not own or control, and links/information may be provided to them. The Service Provider does not guarantee or make any special commitments regarding the content, suitability, security, privacy policies, and continuous provision of access to these sites that are accessed. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for personal information provided to these sites, content used from these sites, and services, privacy policies, and practices of these sites.

7.Collection of Visit Information

When the Site is visited, web servers automatically start collecting information to enable communication with the visitor's computer. In addition, information such as the number of visits to the site, the sections of the site that visitors prefer, IP addresses, domain types, browser types, dates, and times are monitored, inspected, and stored on the website. The use of the site implies the user's permission for the collection, processing, and storage of the specified information by the Service Provider. The Service Provider will take necessary measures for the security of user's personal information and exercise due diligence to protect it. The Service Provider is not responsible if the personal information of users falls into the hands of third parties despite security measures.

8. Prohibition of Intervention

It is forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of the Site and Services. Legal action may be taken against those who attempt such violations. The person or persons who commit the violation are financially, legally, and criminally responsible under the laws.

9. Violation of Terms of Use

If the "General Terms of Use," "Service Agreement," and other relevant contracts are not complied with or an attempt is made to violate the rules, whether the violation is completed or not, the Service Provider reserves the right to reject existing information in the system, remove content, and suspend or terminate Users' access to the Site and Services without prior notice. This also applies to situations where the indirect violation or attempted violation by a third party acting on behalf of the User. The fact that the Service Provider does not use this right does not mean that it has waived its rights or accepted the violation.

10. Limited Liability

i.The Service Provider is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of this website due to attacks on the service, viruses, or technological equipment.

ii.The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss arising from or in connection with access to or inability to access the website, use or inability to use the website, or reliance on the information provided on this website.


In disputes that may arise from the use of the Site and Services, including disputes arising from the use of the Site and Services, Service Provider's computer records, including all kinds of computer records, and emails and fax notifications sent by the Service Provider to Users, constitute definitive and exclusive evidence.

12.Applicable Law and Authorized Courts/Enforcement Offices

The laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in any disputes arising from the use of the Site. In case of any disputes arising from the Site and the terms of use, Ankara Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized.

13. Information and Communication

For questions regarding the Terms of Use, you can contact [email protected] to obtain further information.

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