Cow Gestation Calculator & Management

Cattle gestation is a critical component of dairy and beef farm management, influencing both milk production and herd health. MilkingCloud offers a sophisticated gestation calculator and detailed gestation charts that help farmers optimize breeding cycles and prepare for calving. With our tools, you can predict calving dates accurately, ensuring that your cows are well-cared for throughout their pregnancy. This not only enhances the wellbeing of the cows but also maximizes the efficiency of farm operations by aligning calving with farm management practices.

✓ Herd-Based and Individual Gestation Tracking

✓ Receive Alerts for Key Gestation Milestones

✓ Access detailed information on cow gestation with just one click

Livestock Calving Calculation
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How MilkingCloud Improves Gestation Tracking

MilkingCloud transforms traditional gestation tracking with real-time data and alerts that keep you updated on each cow's pregnancy status. This proactive approach allows for immediate intervention if a cow's health indicators deviate from the norm, thereby reducing risks associated with calving. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing farm management systems, making it easy to monitor gestation progress alongside other vital aspects of dairy management like milk production and animal health.

Cow Pregnancy Tracking System

More than Just a Cattle Gestation Chart

With this module, you can manage all aspects of cow gestation periods, including cows gestation period and pregnancy of cows, with detailed cattle gestation calendars and duration recommendations.

✓ Gestation Period Heat Calendar
✓ Detailed Pregnancy Cow Management
✓ List of Inseminated Animals for Cow Gestation Tracking
✓ Dry Period Monitoring for Cattle Gestation
✓ Calving Alerts and Cow Gestation Table Updates
✓ Tracking Missing Information on Gestation of a Cow

More than Just a Cattle Gestation Chart

Organize and maintain accurate records of the entire cattle gestation process. You can follow the pregnancy cow cycle comprehensively. With the mobile app, manage MilkingCloud's cattle gestation calculator and features from your home, farm, or anywhere you prefer.

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Enhancing Cattle Gestation Management with MilkingCloud

Advanced Gestation Calculators

Advanced Gestation Calculators

Utilize MilkingCloud’s advanced gestation calculators to manage breeding schedules efficiently, ensuring optimal intervals between calving for improved milk yield and herd health.

Detailed Gestation Charts

Detailed Gestation Charts

Access easy-to-understand gestation charts that offer daily monitoring of pregnancy stages, helping you plan ahead for veterinary care and labor requirements.

Streamlined Calving Preparation

Streamlined Calving Preparation

Prepare effectively for calving with MilkingCloud's automated alerts for approaching labor, ensuring all necessary resources and staff are on hand.

Post-Calving Care and Insights

Post-Calving Care and Insights

Leverage MilkingCloud to track post-calving recovery and manage newborn calves with integrated health and feeding logs to ensure they have the best start in life.

Importance of Gestation Tracking

of Gestation Tracking

Accurate tracking of the gestation period in cows is a cornerstone of herd management and efficiency. This process ensures the birth of healthy calves and the timely return of cows to the reproductive cycle. Regular and accurate gestation tracking also plays a critical role in improving the genetic makeup of the herd and enhancing productivity.

User-Friendly Interface and Support

1 .
Full Support
User Queries and FAQs

Offer necessary support for efficient use of the platform through frequently asked questions and user query sections​​.

Regular Alerts
Instructional Videos

Facilitate user adaptation by providing step-by-step guides on system usage​​.

3 .
System Configuration
System Configuration

Enables users to customize the system based on the animal statuses in their operations​​.

Features of MilkingCloud's Gestation Tracking

Integrated Tracking System
Integrated Tracking System

MilkingCloud provides detailed tracking of the gestation processes, offering valuable insights into the health status of animals​​.

Individual Milk Tracking
Individual Milk Tracking

Tracks individual cow's milk yield and milking times, analyzing changes in milk production in relation to pregnancy statuses​​.

Herd Overview Dashboard
Herd Overview Dashboard

Allows easy monitoring of the overall herd status, including pregnancy and other health conditions​​.

Günlük İşler & Raporlar
Reproductive Reporting

Provides detailed reports on reproductive aspects such as gender and age distribution of the her

Added Value Provided
by MilkingCloud

MilkingCloud offers not just data tracking but also significant advantages such as simplifying operations, eliminating problems, and saving time for farm managers. Tracking gestation processes reduces errors due to forgetfulness, organizes tasks more efficiently, and maintains overall herd health​​.

Meet Our Mobile App

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→ Real-time tracking of gestation periods to ensure timely veterinary care.

→ Automated alerts for upcoming calving, enhancing readiness.

→ Detailed health monitoring during the gestation period.

→ Easy integration with existing farm management software.

→ Data-driven insights for better breeding decisions.

→ Customized reports on gestation and calving trends.

→ Support for multiple breeds and specific gestation needs.

→ Accessible from multiple devices, ensuring you can monitor your herd anytime, anywhere.

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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Cutting-Edge Dairy Farming Technology Suite

Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.



Please select “livestock” on the left hand side menu and go to “all animals”. Select the relevant animal on the list and you will see the breeding activities on the right hand side menu, hit the “details” button. You can add the diagnosis here.

Please select “livestock” on the left hand side menu and go to “all animals”. Select the relevant animal on the list and you will see the breeding activities on the right hand side menu and click details, hit add insemination and fill the required fields.

Our system automatically provides you with the pregnancy examination date for the animal you added the insemination information, based on scientific data, in its current condition.

Please select “livestock” on the left hand side menu and go to “all animals”. Select the relevant animal on the list and you will see the breeding activities on the right hand side menu and click details, hit add pregnancy check and fill the required fields.

When an animal is confirmed pregnant after a pregnancy examination, the system automatically provides the expected calving date based on scientific data

You can click on the “livestock”, add new calf and fill the required information.

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