Optimize Your Dairy Operation with Advanced Herd Management Tools

In today's competitive dairy industry, efficient management of your dairy herd is not just an option—it's a necessity. MilkingCloud offers a comprehensive solution that enables you to streamline your dairy operations, enhancing both productivity and profitability. From milk production tracking to advanced breeding programs, our platform covers all aspects of dairy herd management. Whether you're overseeing a small family farm or a large commercial operation, our software adapts to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and health of your cattle.

Dairy Cattle Program
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Start Maximizing Your Dairy Farm's Potential Today

Join thousands of dairy farmers who have transformed their operations with MilkingCloud. Our intuitive platform is designed to empower you with all the tools you need to manage your dairy herd more efficiently and profitably. Get in touch with us to learn more about how MilkingCloud can make a difference in your dairy business.

Dairy Cow Tracking Software

Cow, Calf, and Bull Cards

You can see all the data on a single screen and manage your animals easily. With specially developed filters for data consistency, you can prevent incorrect information from being entered in the first place

Cow Records
Cow Records

Identification and Ear Tag Numbers, Purchase Information, Pedigree, Breeding and Calving Records, Health Events, Sales or Slaughter Transactions, Milk Production, Herd Details.

Calf Records
Calf Records

Identity and Ear Tag Numbers, Calf Performance, EPD, Pedigree Details, Birth Weight, Weaning, Colostrum, Health Events, Sales or Slaughter Transactions, Herd Details.

Bull Records
Bull Records

Bull Identity, Registration Numbers, Purchase or Lease Information, Pedigree / Progeny, Bull Performance, BBSE, Breeding and Movement Records, Health Events, Sales or Slaughter Information, Herd Details.

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Core Features of Our Dairy Management Software

Comprehensive Cattle Record Keeping

Comprehensive Cattle Record Keeping

Keep detailed records of every cow in your herd, including health data, breeding cycles, and milk production. This not only helps in monitoring individual animal performance but also aids in making informed breeding decisions.

Efficient Breeding Management

Efficient Breeding Management

Utilize our advanced breeding tools to keep track of insemination dates, gestation periods, and expected calving dates, enhancing your herd's genetic potential and productivity.

Advanced Milk Production Analysis

Advanced Milk Production Analysis

Track and analyze milk yield data to identify trends and make adjustments in real-time. Our tools help you maximize milk production while maintaining the health of your dairy cows.

Streamlined Health and Vaccination Records

Streamlined Health and Vaccination Records

Manage health checks and vaccination schedules with ease, ensuring that your cattle are always healthy and meeting industry standards.


Create cards automatically from the data you entered to the system. Avoid errors in record-keeping and save yourself the hassle of manual data entry.

Store historical data for the cows and bulls you remove from the herd

The system has a data control rule set that automatically detects logical errors in entered data. Some of these rules include:

✓ A calf of young age is not inseminated.

✓ When re-inseminating a known pregnant cow, a warning is given.

✓ The interval between two calvings must not be less than 285 days

Daily Tasks and Activities

You can see your daily tasks in a single list. MilkingCloud will also track dozens of reminders for you.

✓ Calendar
✓ Upcoming Tasks
✓ Reports
✓ Those Due for Pregnancy Checks
✓ Those Recommended for Dry Off
✓ Approaching Calvings
✓ Calves to be Weaned
✓ Heat Alerts
✓ Long-Time Open Cows
✓ Those Due for Vaccination
✓ Aşılama Vakti Gelenler
Daily Tasks & Activities

Tools That Make Farmers' Lives Easier

We know your time is limited and precious. MilkingCloud offers smart tools to save you time.

Daily Tasks & Reports
Daily Tasks & Reports

Let MilkingCloud track essential reminders so you don't have to worry about keeping up

Advanced Pregnancy Chart
Advanced Pregnancy Board

It's not just a board, but detailed visualizations for individuals. You can easily analyze any cow's lactation stage and transitions.

Integration with Systems
Integration with Systems

We collect your data from your farm's hardware, free of charge.

Customized Reports
Customized Reports

You can design your own report formats, filters, and even parametric values that make your reports dynamic. You can quickly generate customized reports for your farm from the system.

User Management
User Management

You can manage both users and their permissions. You can grant desired authorizations to any user.

Migrate your old data
Transfer the Old Data

We can transfer your animal data from your old management system into our system for free by retrieving this data for you

Meet Our Mobile App

Meet our mobile app that will make your life easier with a single touch!
Here is your quick, efficient, easy to use herd management experience

→ Enhanced Productivity
Optimize daily operations and increase milk output.

→ Reduced Costs
Identify inefficiencies and cut unnecessary expenses.

→ Data-Driven Decisions
Leverage detailed reports to make informed management decisions.

→ Improved Animal Health
Keep track of health records to promptly address any issues.

→ Genetic Tracking
Manage breeding data to enhance herd quality over generations.

→ Regulatory Compliance
Easily generate reports for compliance with agricultural standards.

→ Customizable Alerts
Set up notifications for key events like calving and heat cycles.

→ Mobile Access
Manage your herd from anywhere using our mobile platform.

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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Cutting-Edge Dairy Farming Technology Suite

Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.


Where Technology Meets Dairy Farming


Please log in and select livestock from the left hand menu
Select “livestock
All animals” select the relevant animal from the list
Click “milk yield” button on the right hand side.

For the chosen group of animals, the entered milk quantity will be evenly distributed over the specified date range. You can specify whether it's from the morning or evening milking. For this, please go to the “milk yield” on the left hand side menu and select “add bulk” you can also download our sample excel here.

Milk data within the entered date range and for the selected group of animals will be deleted as per your preference.

By selecting the time frame you want to add, you can add milk in bulk or individually.

MilkingCloud is being used over 600+ companies & dairy farms


MilkingCloud - Herd Management System

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