Advanced Heat Detection in Dairy Cattle M2Moo

In the fast-paced world of dairy farming, tracking and managing the estrous cycle of cattle is critical for maximizing productivity and breeding success. MilkingCloud offers an innovative solution with its state-of-the-art heat detection devices, such as the M2Moo Activity Meter, which are designed to enhance the accuracy of estrus detection and improve herd management.

✓ It tracks the daily movement of the animals automatically.

✓ It is attached to the cow's neck or ear

✓ It detects heat early and sends a notification to your mobile phone

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Optimizing Breeding Efficiency with Smart Technology

The M2Moo device is engineered to provide real-time data on cow activity levels, which are indicative of heat. This advanced technology ensures that farmers can identify the optimal time for artificial insemination, leading to higher conception rates and reduced calving intervals.

Heat in Cows

How Does it Work?

Use the M2Moo Heat Detection System for Heat Detection in Cows to make things easier on your farm.

M2Moo Cow
How M2Moo Works | Records movement 24/7.|How M2Moo Works | Records movement 24/7.

Saves the movement of the cow 24/7 and transfers it to the gateway

How M2Moo Works | Antenna Transmits Data to the Server with the SIM Card inside.|How M2Moo Works | Antenna Transmits Data to the Server with the SIM Card inside.

Gateway sends the data to the servers thanks to the SIM card in it

How M2Moo Works | Constant monitoring of mobility data.|How M2Moo Works | Constant monitoring of mobility data.

Movement data is continuously monitored

How M2Moo Works | The system alerts you when heat is detected|How M2Moo Works | The system alerts you when heat is detected

The system alerts you when a cow is in heat

Integrating Heat Detection with Comprehensive Farm Management

Streamlined Data Analysis

Streamlined Data Analysis

Harness the power of MilkingCloud’s advanced analytics to compare and contrast data across different time periods and among various animals. This feature allows for the identification of patterns and trends that can inform future breeding and management strategies.

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Receive instant notifications about heat events through the MilkingCloud platform, enabling timely actions to ensure that no breeding opportunity is missed.

Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

Generate detailed reports that provide insights into the reproductive health and efficiency of your herd, facilitating targeted improvements and strategies.

Enhancing Farm Profitability

Enhancing Farm Profitability

Leverage the data gathered by the M2Moo device and MilkingCloud’s software to enhance herd fertility rates, reduce labor costs, and ultimately increase farm profitability.

Purchase Today!

Stop stressing over missed heat periods. Purchase now for seamless automatic estrus tracking and expert installation support.

Easy Installation

Easy to Install

Can be easily installed without any staff.

The user manual in the box will guide you through the installation.

SMS and Email notifications

SMS and Email Notification

With its smart structure, the M2Moo Heat Detection System sends an SMS notification to your cellphone as soon as it detects heat.

The heat symptom status can be addressed instantly. The result of the symptom is directly communicated to the user via email or SMS notification in real-time, thanks to 3G technology.

What is a pedometer??

What is a Pedometer?

Although the word pedometer implies it is worn on the foot, it is actually attached to the necks or ears of animals.

It functions by detecting not just step count, but all movements of the animal. Thus, it can detect restlessness even when the animal is standing still. This method works best as an assistive tool to visual observation.

→ Precise Heat Detection
Utilizes advanced sensors in the M2Moo Activity Meter to detect the slightest changes in cow activity, indicating heat with high accuracy.

→ Real-Time Alerts
Instant notifications on your device ensure timely artificial insemination, maximizing breeding success.

→ Integration with Farm Management
Seamlessly connects with MilkingCloud software for holistic management of dairy operations.

→ Data-Driven Decisions
Empowers farmers with actionable insights based on accurate heat cycle data, enhancing herd productivity.

→ User-Friendly Interface
Easy to navigate interfaces allow for quick access to critical data, simplifying daily farm operations.

→ Durable and Reliable
Devices are built to endure the harsh conditions of dairy farming, ensuring long-term usability.

→ Cost Efficiency
Reduces the need for manual observation and labor, decreasing overall operational costs.

→ Enhanced Record Keeping
Automatically logs heat detection data, aiding in better record management and historical analysis.

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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Cutting-Edge Dairy Farming Technology Suite

Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.



Just write us the ear tag ID of the animal that you would like to integrate to the MilkingCloud EcoSystem. The only thing you should do is to click “contact”

Attaching the activity meter to the leg presents issues like difficulty in attachment, short product life, and potential harm to the animal. M2Moo recommends attaching the activity meter to the animal's neck.

Each animal has different activity levels. The animal needs to be monitored for a period to understand its behavior. Within 5 days, the activity meter is ready to detect heat.

M2Moo tracks your animal's activity. Activity increases during heat. Even if you don't notice increased activity in silent heats, it is still detected and recorded. M2Moo’s success rate varies depending on farm standards and animal health. In an ideal farm, the success rate is over 80%.

The communication between the activity meter and the gateway is directly affected by their environment. Signal strength weakens through walls with high metal content or thick walls. The gateway needs to be installed in the area where the animals are located.

No, it is not billed.

No, you will not.

After you receive the SMS, the optimal insemination period will begin. You should call your Veterinarian and have them examine your animal.

Yes, you can add or change numbers up to 3.

No, you will not.

Installing M2Moo is a very simple process. The farmer can easily complete the installation without assistance. The User Manual and Installation Guide included in the M2Moo box will provide guidance for the installation.

Keeping animals constantly tied up will reduce the increase in activity that occurs during heat. Though it may impact heat detection success, the meters can still be used, but it is not optimal. There should be no issue for animals only tied up during milking.

Yes, the product can be used on heifers in addition to lactating animals. Since it is a system that works without an existing milking parlor, there are use cases

M2Moo tracks the heat of your animals. Since it does not have the GPS features, it can not show the location.

Yes, you can use it with the other animals. You should reset the activity meter after the insemination.

M2Moo continuously monitors the animal it is attached to. The system automatically sends an SMS or email to your registered phone as soon as it detects heat. Therefore, you do not need to continuously log in to the system and monitor it.

The M2Moo gateway comes with a SIM card installed. No additional internet access is required for the system to operate.

The M2Moo gateway comes with a battery to protect against power outages. The battery kicks in during hours when there is no electricity, and automatically starts charging when the power comes back on. The battery life inside the gateway averages 6 hours.

The lifespan of the activity meter used varies depending on data exchange, but is 5 years.

Yes you can. A gateway can be used with a hundred activity meters.

MilkingCloud is being used over 600+ companies & dairy farms


M2Moo - Heat Detection in Cows

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