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Are you tired of the single solution offered by old ration systems? With AI-supported smart ration, you can easily list both the most suitable solution and cost-saving alternatives.If you don't like the generated solution, create a new one with just one click…

Dairy Cattle Ration
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A customized ration is generated based on the parameters you set for your dairy cow, heifer, or calf, as well as the feeds you wish to include. This not only provides you with a single solution but also offers the opportunity to explore other possible solutions with different ratios and costs.

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Calculate Nutritional Requirements
Calculate Nutritional Requirements

Enter the information to calculate the nutritional needs of the cow. (Body Weight, Target Daily Weight Gain, Temperature)

Select Feed to Be Added
Select the Feeds to Add

Choose the feeds from your stock to add to the ration plan. (concentrate, forage, and other feed types) You can limit the maximum or minimum amount of any feed included in the ration.

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Create and Optimize Rations
Create and Optimize Rations
The AI-powered ration calculator offers 4 optimal solutions based on the needs of beef cattle & dairy cows, feed composition, upper and lower limits of feeds, and price.

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Optimized Parameters for Dairy Cows

The system automatically calculates ration inputs based on various parameters such as age, milk yield, pregnancy status, and more. You can optionally modify Dry Matter, Protein, Energy, Lysine, and Methionine Ration inputs, or confidently start preparing rations according to the system's calculations.

✓ Body Weight
✓ Milk Yield
✓ Age
✓ Milk Fat
✓ Pregnancy Day
✓ Milk Protein
✓ Milk Protein
Optimized parameters for the dairy cattle

Why does the system produce multiple results?

Most ration calculators (ration software) produce only one result and claim it to be the best. We believe that even if it's not the "best" answer, evaluating other alternatives can help you find more practical solutions. You can answer the following questions by examining all ration alternatives yourself:
Beef ration Question 1
"Perhaps if we lower the energy a bit, we can find a much cheaper solution?"
Beef ration Question 1
Maybe with a bit more dry matter, we can achieve the desired protein level with fewer supplements?"
Beef ration Question 1
Can I increase the values of lysine and methionine with very little cost increase?

Ration Application and Feed Stock Management

After determining the ration according to the needs of your large livestock and herd, the next step is to implement the ration in the system, allowing you to automatically manage your stocks

✓ You can apply different rations to each group/herd.
✓ The amount of feed to be used is automatically determined based on the number of animals in the group.
✓ Consumed feed is automatically reduced from the stock as days pass.
Tracking critical tasks is very easy with reminders.

Free Dairy Cow Ration Calculator

You can now start using the Ration Calculator module for free. All feed options and feeding values are automatically listed. You can automatically determine parameters based on the cattle breed and condition and generate rations instantly.

Tracking critical tasks is very easy with reminders.
You can use unlimited feed options and define new feeds
Nutritional Value
All feed nutritional values are predefined, and you can update them as desired
Beef Ration Requirement
The needs of your animals are automatically determined based on gender and condition. You can adjust these values according to your preferences.

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Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.



What are the benefits of a high-quality dairy cow ration to the farm?

To keep dairy cows healthy and productive, they need to be fed a balanced ration that contains an adequate amount of energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Roughage, concentrate feed, water, vitamin and mineral supplements, feed quality, feed quantity and distribution, and the health status of the animals should be taken into consideration

It determines the ration that is most suitable for your cows' needs. Your cows' needs may change over time, so it regularly reviews and updates your ration plan as needed.

Preparing a dairy cow ration can be a complex process, and preparing it correctly is crucial for the health and milk yield of your cows

The nutritional needs of cows can vary depending on their age, milk yield, pregnancy, and lactation status, so the feeding program should be customized based on the specific requirements of the animals.

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