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Algan Yazılım
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Our biggest virtues are the tireless and relentless spirit of a researcher, our team that consists of idealistic field engineers rather than plaza-style workers and our business approach within the farms...

All over the World the brand new techonogical solutions are replacing the elder ones. The technologies, people recommends to maximize the yield, increases the investment costs. We, as the Herd Management, are working on technologies in an attemp to make them reachable for the farmers.

We have lots of original ideas, came of the times we spent in farms with the engineering point of view. As some of which were based on the specific problems of Turkish farmers, the rest of those original ideas came to light as models, which are first in the world. We develop original solutions for lots of problems, thanks for the interdisciplinary approach in the electronics, informatics and machinery disciplines in the field of husbandry technologies. While we are producing for Turkish and World markets with the supports of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, also our reseach and development activities, again supported by TÜBİTAK, are continuing without slowing down. Besides all these, academic background of our team keep us abreast of all the latest developments worldwide. 

Providing the higher quality with lower prices to the market is an everlasting path when it comes up to the Herd Management. We are thankful for all our supporting partners, customers, public enterprises on our path.