Milk Yield Tracking Module

With the milk tracking module, you can quickly and professionally monitor your farm's milk production. Milk production is one of the main performance indicators for a Dairy Farm, in fact all the work done on the farm is designed either to increase milk production or reduce milk production costs. In this case, in order for a business to be profitable, you need to obtain the highest milk yield from each animal separately so that your total milk yield is the highest. With individual milk tracking, the amount of milk entered per cow can be monitored.

Milk Monitoring Program
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Individual Milk Monitoring
Individual Milk Tracking

You can easily monitor an animal's total milk yield with daily, weekly or monthly milk yield records. You can also monitor the cow without missing sudden milk yield decreases

Herd Milk Records
Herd Milk Records

In the bulk milk tracking section, the daily amount of milk collected from each cow milked in the herd and the average milk yield of the herd are given, showing the capacity of the herd. You can record and easily report the total milk for the lactating group.

Milk Reports
Milk Reports

You can report milk yields separately according to animal groups, ages or conditions (pregnant, pregnant heifer, 6 months old etc.)

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the Decreases in Milk

You can identify the animals and groups with decreased milk production from the milk yield graph

You can instantly access the date of this decline with a single click, and retrieve information about the amount of milk produced on that day by an individual animal or a selected group of animals.

With the MilkingCloud Milk Tracking Module, you can intervene more quickly in any situation causing a decrease in milk production.

Easy Data Upload

You can enter milk data into the system either individually, cow by cow, or collectively through your milking group, as Morning Milking - Afternoon Milking - Evening Milking. You can also upload your data from an Excel sheet with just one click.

Effortless Milk Monitoring

You can monitor the milk production of cows from a single screen, you can can individually review and filter milking data for a single cow or herd based on dates, you can view reports on average milk production per cow and daily milk production per cow from your mobile phone at any time.

Effective Management

When making the decision to cull a cow from the herd using the Reports module, you can list all historical data in detail.

Other Features

Mastitis Detection Device
Mastitis Detection Device

Mastitis Radar: Your Health Monitoring Solution. The easiest way to check for mastitis in your herd. Early Detection, Recovery, and Savings.

Milking Parlor Integration
Milking Parlor Integration

Would you like to automatically add milk data to the system? Let's do it with MilkingCloud!

Dairy Cattle Ration
Dairy Cow Ration

Prepare the most suitable milk ration for your cows for higher milk production. With MilkingCloud Advanced Ration Calculator, this is no longer difficult at all! Let MilkingCloud automatically generate the best ration for your cow!

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App Interfaces

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Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.



Please log in and select livestock from the left hand menu
Select “livestock, all animals”
Select the relevant animal from the list
Click “milk yield” button on the right hand side.

For the chosen group of animals, the entered milk quantity will be evenly distributed over the specified date range. You can specify whether it's from the morning or evening milking. For this, please go to the “milk yield” on the left hand side menu and select “add bulk” you can also download our sample excel here.

Milk data within the entered date range and for the selected group of animals will be deleted as per your preference.

By selecting the time frame you want to add, you can add milk in bulk or individually.

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