• Milk Production

Milk Yield

Individual Milk Records

You can easily track the milk yield of an entire herd and a specific cow at daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Herd Management

Herd Milk Records

You can enter records of total milk production on a daily basis. Thus, you can track production and productivity retrospectively.

Milking Reports

You can get individual milk yield reports by group, age or status (e.g. pregnant, pregnant heifer, 6 months old, etc.)

Easy Data Upload

You can easily add milk data to the system in different ways. You can upload milk data in bulk for one milking. Or you can update the milk data of only one cow. Or you can upload an excel list with one click.

Easy to Monitor

You can track the milk production of cows from a single screen. You can examine all milking information for only one cow or for the herd, separately by date and filter it as you wish. Reports on average milk production per cow and daily milk production per cow can be viewed at any time, even from your mobile phone.

Effective Management

With the Reports module, you can list all past data in detail when making a decision to remove a cow from the herd. You can also see all lactation information about the cow on the animal profile page.

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