Get Notified Prior to Calving PartuSense

The calving detection device is a calving sensor that is placed in the cow's vagina and sends you a mobile notification approximately 3 hours before calving. It is a well-known fact that the first 30 minutes are critical for a newborn calf, so don't leave anything to chance.

Calving Sensor PartuSense
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Easy Installation
Hassle-Free Operation

PartuSense is attached to animals expected to calve during the dry period. Putting it on never bothers the animal. It automatically falls off at calving time and can be reused on another animal.

24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring

The device is constantly on and operational. It keeps your cow under observation for you. It automatically detects the onset of calving.

Automatic Notifications
Instant Notifications

You will receive a mobile notification in real time at the start of calving and during the progressing stages

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PartuSense is a device that is attached to cows, helps oversee the calving process by detecting the precise moment when a cow goes into labor and alerting farm staff so they can monitor the calving.

PartuSense is attached to the tail or vaginal area of cows and detects increased pressure during calving contractions. These pressure changes are communicated to farm workers or veterinarians through signals sent by the sensors. This allows for monitoring the calving process and intervening when necessary.

Risks that may arise from difficult births can be reduced and newborn calves can be ensured to be born and grow up in a healthy way.

It contributes to the farm owner in areas such as labor savings, increased efficiency, resource savings, and data analysis.

PartuSense is attached by veterinarians to the tail or vaginal area of cows under proper hygienic conditions and provides calving monitoring.

Proper attachment of the device, ensuring the device is functioning, the device giving alerts about calving time, and periodic maintenance of the device should be taken into consideration.

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PartuSense - Get Notified Prior to Calving

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