Feed Module Manage Your Feed Stock

With MilkingCloud, you can receive recommendations about your feed plan, record your animals in different groups with various recipes, and analyze costs based on purchase prices. With the Ration Plan Module, you can save your feed plans applied to the animals you grouped on the dates you want and see details like per-animal feed cost, protein, and energy content of the feed.

Feed Program
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Easy Operation
Easily Perform Operations

Specify the feed ingredients in your inventory to the system, and let the system automatically prepare the most suitable solution for you.

Automatic Stock Tracking
Automatic Stock Tracking

Save the feeds to be used for specific animals and between specific dates. Let both automatic cost calculations and automatic reduction of your stock take place.

Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting

You can track each feedstock one by one, and easily generate reports on the costs of feed consumed by each group.

Feed Purchase and Consumption History

Manage Your Feedstock

With MilkingCloud, you can receive feed plan recommendations, record your animals in different groups with various recipes, and analyze costs based on purchase prices. Using the Ration Plan Module, you can save the feed plans you've applied to the animals grouped as per your preferences and view details such as per-animal feed cost, feed protein, and energy.

Feed Stock Management and Ration Application

The system automatically handles different contents of rations applied on different dates. The amount of feed automatically deducted from the stock is determined based on the number of animals in the group on those dates. This way, you can automatically track your feed stock status. The process of preparing a feed plan ensures the automatic creation of a recipe that meets your specified requirements for Dry Matter, Crude Protein, and Energy, using the products available in stock.

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App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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We also use the Mastitis Detection Device. Thanks to the notifications sent to my mobile phone, I can keep milk health under control in my animals. With the daily reminders and reports, I stay informed about the condition of all my cattle on the farm. I'm very satisfied, thank you for your efforts...


Şerbetçioğlu Farm / Edirne/Keşan

It's a device I use on my farm to increase milk quality and productivity. The best aspect for me is that it integrates with my herd management system. It's very easy to use. In addition to keeping me informed about my animals' conditions, the benefits it provides are visibly significant in a short period of time.


Ceyda Dairy Farm / Cyprus

Since installing the Mastitis Detection Devices in my milking parlor, the notifications on my phone allow me to direct the veterinarian for treatment without wasting time. The veterinarian on my farm doesn't have to do individual testing on each animal anymore. We saved both time and money, and got milk quality under control.

Nesip İlter ALTAN

Nesip Bey Farm / Karaman/Sazlıyaka Köyü


It is a process that involves determining the right types and quantities of feed to meet the nutritional needs of animals, as well as the preparation, distribution, and storage of feed.

Among the types of feed are roughage (such as straw, clover, and cornstalks), concentrate feeds (barley, corn, oats, soybeans, etc.), and vitamin-mineral supplements.

Storing feeds is important to maintain their quality and prevent spoilage. Feeds should be stored in a suitable storage area and protected from factors such as moisture, temperature, and pests.

Feeds should be properly mixed and distributed. Feeds should be presented in appropriately sized particles to allow animals to chew them sufficiently. To prevent animals from experiencing stress during feeding, a calm environment should be provided during the feeding process.

Feed management in animals plays a critical role in the health, productivity, and profitability of the farm. The correct types and quantities of feed meet the animals' needs and ensure healthy growth and production.

It involves determining appropriate feed quantities based on the age, gender, breed, weight, and pregnancy status of the animals and creating a feeding program tailored to the quality and nutritional value of the feeds.

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