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Free Dairy Software

19 Dec 2022 | management

How is work dairy herd management app? What is dairy farm management app’s advantages? What is the different dairy data software and dairy cow management app?

Dairy Farm Management App

19 Dec 2022 | management

How is work dairy farm management app? What is dairy herd management app’s advantages? What is the deferent dairy data software and dairy com management?

Cattle Breed Hereford

10 October 2022 | management

Hereford cattle originated more than two centuries ago, and the necessity to produce beef for the growing food market following the industrial revolution in the UK was the most important reason for the breed\'s emergence.

Jersey Cow

10 October 2022 | management

Jersey dairy cows are fantastic. Because they produce the most nutritious and delicious raw milk. This is the main reason why people prefer Jersey cows.

Breed of Highland Cow

10 October 2022 | management

The Highland cow is named after the Highlands of Scotland. It is one of the breeds best suited to living in extremely harsh conditions. It has created a process of natural selection that has seen it survive the harsh conditions in its area.

Ration in Lactation Period of Cows

10 October 2022 | management

Ration is a subject of great interest and curiosity among farmers. Especially cow lactation period ration is an important issue that affects milk yield and even the next calving period. In this content, we will examine all stages of the lactation period and what needs to be done.

How should the feed ration of cows be in lactation period?

10 October 2022 | management

Ration management of cows can lead to inefficient lactation and increased calving interval. In this content, we will explain the changing feed needs of cows in the lactation cycle and lactation ration management.

Cows in Heat

10 October 2022 | management

It is very important for cows to show heat. Because the detection of estrus is the good news of the new calf.

How Many Liters of Milk Does a Cow Give Per Day?

08 October 2022 | management

Cow breeds are one of the most popular topics for dairy businesses. Because the amount of milk is equal to business income. High efficiency is essential in order to survive and increase profitability.

Mild Mastitis Treatment

08 October 2022 | management

Mastitis is a disease that causes severe inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue of the dairy cow. It occurs as a reaction to bacterial attack of the udder duct.

Treatment of Mastitis

08 October 2022 | management

Cow mastitis is a disease of the udder caused by infections caused by physical impact or bacterial invasion. It is the most common udder disease in dairy cattle worldwide. This disease is one of the main causes of economic loss in dairy farms.

Mastitis in Dairy Cow

07 October 2022 | management

Mastitis is a disease that causes severe inflammation of the mammary gland and udder tissue of the dairy cow.

Holstein Breed

04 October 2022 | management

Cow breeds are a very interesting topic for dairy farms and investors. The most curious of these breeds is the Holstein.


04 October 2022 | management

Holstein is among the most profitable cow breeds in terms of milk yield. For this reason, this breed has always been one of the subjects that dairy farms and investors always wondered and asked questions about.

Symptoms of Calving in Cows

04 October 2022 | Breeding

Calving is very important for heifers and cows. This is also the case for farm owners. Because a new calf is the most important element that ensures continuity in cattle farms.

How many liters of milk does a cow give per year?

04 October 2022 | management

Among the cow breeds, Holstein 6000-9000 kg, Brown 5000-7000 kg, Simmental 5000-7000 kg and Jerseys 4000-5000 kg. give milk annually.

What You Need to Know About Cattle Fattening

03 October 2022 | management

Feedlot Farming of animals for meat by gaining weight. Fattening is done in barn and pasture environment.

Feedlot Farming

03 October 2022 | management

​​Feedlot Farming of animals for meat by gaining weight. Fattening is done in barn and pasture environment.

5 Ways to Prevent Economic Loss in Cattle Farms

25 Aug 2022 | management

In order to prevent economic losses in both fattening and dairy farms; regular follow-up of issues such as animal follow-up, disease follow-up, vaccination follow-up is required.

Foot Care in Cattle Farming

13 July 2021 | Practices

Foot health is one of the important parts of herd health. Lameness may occur as a result of missing or improper care.

Vaccination Process for Cattle Farming

23 June 2021 | Practices

The vaccination process is vital for breeders. Not only the vaccine but also the period and condition of cattle have vital importance for herd health.

Is my Cattle on Heat?

1 June 2021 | Breeding

Detecting heat on time and the reproductive continuity of the herd have vital importance for both dairy and beef farmers.

4 Main Factors of Preparing a Ration

10 May 2021 | Practices

Feed cost is the largest operating expenses in livestock businesses. In order to make a profitable animal husbandry, feed expenses should be minimized

The Most Preferred Cattle Breeds in MilkingCloud

13 Apr 2021 | management

Cattle breeds differ from each other with milk and beef yield. Here are the most recorded breeds by our farmers and best breeds for dairy and beef breeders.

The Latest Tech in Calving Management

31 Mar 2021 | Breeding

Calving is one of the most complex events occuring in the farm. For profitable and sustainable dairy/beef farming, the health of both the cow and the calf should be protected.

Calf Scours: Deadly for Calves, Costly for Farms

23 Mar 2021 | practices

There are many breeders struggling with calf scours. It would be beneficial for breeders to share a few information about calf diarrhea which is still causing a great economic loss today.

Best Keys to Cut Down Expenses For Cattle Ranchers

23 Feb 2021 | management

Breeding can be overcosting in both beef and dairy farms. The following keys and suggestions will definitely help you to cut down your expenses.

4 “Must Have” Measures for a Safe Work Environment

12 Feb 2021 | management

How safe is your farm? It is vital that the work environment is safe in dairy and beef farms.

Quality Cow Milk Production

22 Sept 2020 | management

Quality cow milk is highly nutritive, while its economic value is associated with dry matter content.

What is Selective Feeding?

21 July 2020 | management

Selective Feeding is a system of feeding which grants the opportunity for animals to choose and consume their own rations.

Manure Management In Cattle Farming

20 Jun 2019 | management

If cleaning and evaluation phases of manure management are wisely managed, they may turn into an added value activity for the producer.

Why are Udder Inflammations Are Frequently Encountered in Cows During Months of Summer?

30 Apr 2020 | management

As a matter of fact, milk contains more somatic cells by quantitative count and more incidents of Bovine Mastitis are reported during the summer times.

5 Classical Problems Encountered in Cattle Breeding and Their Solutions

17 Mar 2020 | management

One of the biggest mistakes made in Cattle Breeding is to deliver feed materials available at the operation to the animals, without being mixed at correct ratios first beforehand.

First Line of Response In Cattle Diseases: Education

27 Jan 2020 | management

The solution to the problem of diseases, is conditional upon training the farmer.

Impact of Feed Quality on Udder Health in Dairy Cows

16 Jan 2020 | management

Increased Somatic Cell Count in milk is considered an important threat for udder health, in Dairy Cows.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Cattle Farming Operations

25 Dec 2019 | management

There are certain methods to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Cattle Farming Operations.

Cattle Farming Industry and Climate Change

15 Dec 2019 | management

Global warming is a major threat all over the world and Cattle Breeding get affected by climate change severely.

Pressing Issues in Cattle Herd Management

14 Nov 2019 | management

You should implement the right management type to keep your income at maximum levels in your operation. You may have your own customary practices or get help from outside your organisation about Cattle Herd Management.

5 Important Tips for Detecting Heat Period in Cattle

14 Sept 2019 | breeding

There are many factors affecting animals’ entering heat period. As a dairy farmer, if you properly implement all the plans for helping animals with entering the heat cycle, you may be successful.

To Boost Milk Yield in Cows at 3 Steps

13 Aug 2019 | management

Everyone knows that most of the income at a dairy farm operation comes from calves and milk production. This is why, management of fertility and lactation is of vast importance.

Do Your Cows Drink Enough Water?

17 July 2019 | management

Water consumption is fundamental to milk production. Even though farmers always keep focusing on ration, quality water consumption is an easy to solve and highly effective factor.

Contemporary and Healthy Heifer Breeding

10 June 2019 | management

Growing Healthy Calves and Heifers is directly related to the proper nutrition of your animals.

Modernising Dairy Farm with MilkingCloud

07 May 2019 | management

Your Dairy Farm is now at the centre of your life. We, as the team behind MilkingCloud, recommend you to take the following 5 simple steps in your life, to make your farm and lactating cows better and contemporary.

Drying Off Dairy Cows

24 Mar 2019 | breeding

Dry Period Management is an extremely important part of mastitis control programs. This period is highly critical for udder health because the mammary epithelium rests, regenerates and prepares for the next lactation during this period.

Cattle Tracking Software with 5 Key Features

06 Feb 2019 | management

We have elaborated a list composed of 5 items, to reveal the importance of user-friendly MilkingCloud Cattle Monitoring Software.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Animals Cool In Summer

03 Jan 2019 | management

Just like how you protected your animals against cold during winter, you have to guard them against scorching weather during summer.

Mobile Cattle Monitoring App

24 Dec 2018 | practices

MilkingCloud Mobile Cattle Tracking Application makes it possible for you to track your herd from your cell phone.

Make Things Easy for your Herd!

1 Nov 2018 | practices

There is a lot of ways you may choose to take for easily managing the processes that you track at your operation...

Boost Your Profitability at the Farm!

9 Sept 2018 | management

The fundamental goal in dairy cattle farming business, as in any other economic activity, is to secure and retain highest yield for maximal profit.

Use of Technology at Farms

19 Aug 2018 | management

There is a high correlation between the use of technology at farms and maximum yield obtained from each animal either for beef or for dairy production...

How to Detect Silent Heat?

22 July 2018 | breeding

The common question of almost anyone: Why do my cows not express any observable signs of heat? Why has it not

What is Heat Monitoring System?

15 Jun 2018 | breeding

The time has come for you to monitor the heat of your animal 24/7...

5 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Farm

16 Apr 2018 | practices

No matter what the actual number of animals would be, the establishing and maintaining control over all production processes is the most important management requirement in a livestock operation...

The Entire Herd at a Glance

30 Mar 2018 | management

Ability to view the entire herd on a single screen, with customisations for each animal’s particular conditions makes life easier for farmers...

Herd Management System For Beef Farms

19 Feb 2018 | management

Beef farms manage their businesses by monitoring the effect of the given ration on profitability ...

Efficient Usage of Activity Meters During Heat Period

09 Jan 2018 | breeding

Beef farms manage their businesses by monitoring the effect of the given ration on profitability ...

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Herd Management

Herd Management

With MilkingCloud, you may record all data relating to each of your animals and group and accordingly generate listings of them.

Examination & Treatment

Vaccination and Treatment

You may now scan vaccination and examination records with cloud-based software.

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

Insemination Tracking

You can monitor breeding and insemination processes to attain suitable breeding ratio and ensure healthy growth of the herd.

Milk Yield

Milk Yield

You may track the milk production levels of your farm either in general or for individual cases, and obtain the animals’ milk yields, on desire.

Cost Calculations

Cost Management

You can manage ration costs and all other operating expenses, as well as income accounts relying on weight gain of animals, on a single screen.


Feed Management

Choose your rationing scheme to easily control feeding amounts for dairy and beef cattle.