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In addition to the features accessible by using the software, we have compiled
practical methods for you to manage your business with modern techniques. We will continue to explain professional management techniques through new publications.

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Cattle Farming Industry and Climate Change

15 May 2019 | management

Global Warming has started to become a momentous factor around the world. How does Cattle Breeding get affected by Climate Changes and how is it steering our path into the future?

Pressing Issues in Cattle Herd Management

14 May 2019 | management

You should implement the right management type to keep your income at maximum levels in your operation. You may have your own customary practices or get help from outside your organisation about Cattle Herd Management.

5 Important Tips for Detecting Heat Period in Cattle

14 May 2019 | breeding

There are many factors affecting animals’ entering heat period. As a dairy farmer, if you properly implement all the plans for helping animals with entering the heat cycle, you may be successful.

To Boost Milk Yield in Cows at 3 Steps

13 May 2019 | management

Everyone knows that most of the income at a dairy farm operation comes from calves and milk production. This is why, management of fertility and lactation is of vast importance.

Do Your Cows Drink Enough Water?

10 May 2019 | management

Water consumption is fundamental to milk production. Even though farmers always keep focusing on ration, quality water consumption is an easy to solve and highly effective factor.

Contemporary and Healthy Heifer Breeding

10 May 2019 | management

Growing Healthy Calves and Heifers is directly related to the proper nutrition of your animals.

Modernising Dairy Farm with MilkingCloud

07 May 2019 | management

Your Dairy Farm is now at the centre of your life. We, as the team behind MilkingCloud, recommend you to take the following 5 simple steps in your life, to make your farm and lactating cows better and contemporary.

Drying Off Dairy Cows

24 May 2019 | breeding

Dry Off management is an extremely important part of mastitis containment programs. This period is highly critical for udder health. Because the udder epithelium rests, replenishes itself and prepares for the next lactation, during this period.

Cattle Tracking Software with 5 Key Features

06 May 2019 | management

We have elaborated a list composed of 5 items, to reveal the importance of user-friendly MilkingCloud Cattle Monitoring Software.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Animals Cool In Summer

03 May 2019 | management

Just like how you protected your animals against cold during winter, you have to guard them against scorching weather during summer.

Mobile Cattle Monitoring App

24 April 2019 | practices

MilkingCloud Mobile Cattle Tracking Application makes it possible for you to track your herd from your cell phone.

Make Things Easy for your Herd!

19 March 2019 | practices

There is a lot of ways you may choose to take for easily managing the processes that you track at your operation...

Boost Your Profitability at the Farm!

19 March 2019 | management

The fundamental goal in dairy cattle farming business, as in any other economic activity, is to secure and retain highest yield for maximal profit.

Use of Technology at Farms

19 March 2019 | management

There is a close correlation between the use of technology at farms and maximum yield obtained from each animal either grazed for beef or fed for dairy production...

How to Catch Hidden Heat?

19 March 2019 | breeding

The common question of almost anyone: Why does this cow not develop heat? Why has it not reached heat, this way or in another? As a matter of fact, the question that needs to be asked here is that if the cow has actually developed heat, are we missing it?

What is Heat Monitoring System?

19 March 2019 | breeding

The time has come for you to monitor the heat of your animal 24/7...

5 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Farm

19 March 2019 | practices

No matter what the actual number of animals would be, the establishing and maintaining control over all production processes is the paramount managerial requirement in a livestock operation...

To View Your Herd As A Whole At A Glance

19 March 2019 | management

Ability to view the entire herd on a single screen, with customisations for each animal’s particular conditions makes life easier for farmers...

Herd Management System For Beef Farms

19 March 2019 | management

Beef farms manage their businesses by monitoring the effect of the given ration on profitability ...

To Get the Best out of Pedometers during Heat

09 April 2019 | breeding

Beef farms manage their businesses by monitoring the effect of the given ration on profitability ...

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Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

Insemination Tracking

You can monitor breeding and insemination processes to attain suitable breeding ratio and ensure healthy growth of the herd.

Cost Calculations

Cost Management

You can manage ration costs and all other operating expenses, as well as income accounts relying on weight gain of animals, on a single screen.

Herd Management

Herd Management

With MilkingCloud, you may record all data relating to each of your animals and group and accordingly generate listings of them.

Examination & Treatment

Examination, Vaccination and Treatment

Follow full historical records of vaccination and examination with cloud based dairy software.

Milk Monitoring

Milk Monitoring

You may track the milk production levels of your farm either in general or for individual cases, and obtain the animals’ milk yields, on desire.


Ration and Feed Management

You may enter and store the feeding schemes that you adopt and implement for your grouped animals between any dates of your desire, in the system.


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