Beef Farm Program
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Software and Hardware Solutions for Beef Cattle Farms

Mobile app and computer-supported, easy data transfer from Excel and old applications. Get to know your farm with your data, receive customized alerts and recommendations.

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Customized Ration Calculator for Beef Cattle

The system automatically calculates the ration balance based on parameters like Dry Matter, Protein, Energy, Lysine, Methionine. You can recalculate if desired or safely start Ration preparation according to the system's calculation.

✓ Body Weight
✓ Daily Target Weight Gain
✓ Temperature
Tracking critical tasks is very easy with reminders.
Easy data entry
Easy Data Entry

Upload your data via Excel

Data Transfer
Data Transfer

We transfer your data from your existing system to our system free of charge.


We collect your data from your devices, free of charge.

App Interfaces

Manage your farm on the go!

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Slack and Trello Integrations

Make collaboration easier with Slack and Trello integrations to boost the productivity and workflow of your farm. Keep control of your farm with instant notifications, task management, and team collaboration


Step 1: Enter the cattle information to calculate its nutritional requirements. (Body Weight, Target Daily Weight Gain, Temperature)

Step 2: Select feeds to be added to the ration plan from your feed inventories. (concentrates, forages, and other feed types) You can limit the maximum or minimum amount of any feed included in the ration.

Step 3: The AI-powered ration calculator provides 4 optimal solutions based on the cattle's needs, feed composition, upper and lower limits of feeds, and price.

The system automatically calculates the beef cattle ration inputs based on parameters like ration balance and Dry Matter, Protein, Energy, Lysine, Methionine. You can have the solutions recalculated repeatedly if desired, or safely begin Ration preparation according to the solution calculated by the system.

Most beef cattle ration calculators only produce one result and claim it is the "best" solution. We believe evaluating other alternatives, even if not the "best" answer, will help you find more practical solutions. You can answer the following questions yourself by examining all the ration alternatives:

Maybe if we keep the energy levels a little lower, we can find a much more affordable solution.

Perhaps with a bit more dry matter we can achieve the desired protein levels with fewer supplements.

Can I reduce the cost by increasing energy values and decreasing protein levels in beef groups according to the ration balance?

You can start using the Beef Cattle Ration Calculator module now for free. All feed options and feeding values are listed automatically. You can automatically determine the parameters according to the cattle breed and condition and generate the ration immediately.

You can use unlimited feed options and define new feeds.

The nutritional values of all feeds are predefined in our system according to the latest NRC and INRA systems and you can update them as you wish.

Your animals' needs are automatically determined based on body weight, daily weight gain, and body condition score. You can adjust these values according to your preferences.


We also use the Mastitis Detection Device. Thanks to the notifications sent to my mobile phone, I can keep milk health under control in my animals. With the daily reminders and reports, I stay informed about the condition of all my cattle on the farm. I'm very satisfied, thank you for your efforts...


Şerbetçioğlu Farm / Edirne/Keşan

It's a device I use on my farm to increase milk quality and productivity. The best aspect for me is that it integrates with my herd management system. It's very easy to use. In addition to keeping me informed about my animals' conditions, the benefits it provides are visibly significant in a short period of time.


Ceyda Dairy Farm / Cyprus

Since installing the Mastitis Detection Devices in my milking parlor, the notifications on my phone allow me to direct the veterinarian for treatment without wasting time. The veterinarian on my farm doesn't have to do individual testing on each animal anymore. We saved both time and money, and got milk quality under control.

Nesip İlter ALTAN

Nesip Bey Farm / Karaman/Sazlıyaka Köyü

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