Fully Automated
Mastitis Detection Device

MastiPro is an automatic mastitis detector for milking machines. It identifies early mastitis by Na and Cl ions in milk. Alerts through lights and sounds via MilkingCloud App. MastiPro maintains udder health and milk production.

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Mastitis Detection Device
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Mastitis Detection Device

Complete Self-Activating Protection

The Automated Mastitis Test Device is an electronic tool used to detect mastitis in cows. It can be attached to any type of milking machine for use. It works like a sentinel safeguarding the cow's udder. Activates itself automatically with each milking.

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Control Mastitis Permanently

Easy Installation
Hassle Free Installation

Doesn't need any staff, works fully automatic, compatible with any milking equipment

Mastitis Alerts
Mastitis Alerts

Detects subclinical mastitis. The MastiPro notifies you of the early signs of mastitis, both through its LED lights and notifications.


It automatically tests the milked milk instantly and warns you through both warning lights and mobile notifications.

Get Notifications via
MilkingCloud App

With its easy-to-use feature, it detects the early stages of mastitis based on Na and Cl ions in milk and informs you with LED lights. You can also receive notifications on your mobile phone with the mobile application. With MastiPro, the udder of the newly calved cow does not swell and milk yield does not decrease.

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Ready for Use in Just 3 Steps

The Mastitis Detection Device has an easy-to-install structure that fits milk hoses. The device automatically senses the flow of milk and starts working. When milking is done, there is no need for any other procedure like turning the device on or off.

1 .
Cut the milking hose
Cut the hose
place the device as in the picture
Install the device as shown in the picture
3 .
Use the L-shaped bar to secure the milk hose
Use the L-shaped iron to secure the hose
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MastiPro 7


It starts working automatically when milking begins. Thanks to its smart system, it detects mastitis in early stages based on increased Na and Cl ions transmitted into the milk. It provides information not only through the colored indicator lights on the device, but also through an audible notification via MilkingCloud App

You can find videos and drawings on our website on how to install the device.

No, it does not get damaged. The Mastitis Detection Device is resistant to all types of acid and base mixtures used during washing of the milking line. It is designed to withstand the cleaning solutions without any harm. You can safely sanitize the milking system without worrying about the device.

Yes, it is suitable for every type of milking parlor.

You will receive an audible alert notification through the app on your smart device when mastitis is detected.

The size of the milking line in your parlor will determine how many you need. You should get the same number of devices as milking points you have.

The warranty covers the product for 2 years after purchase, the lifespan of the battery is 5 years.

No, the device does not require an internet connection to operate.

Cutting-Edge Dairy Farming Technology Suite

Discover the future of dairy farm management with our integrated technology suite, featuring MastiPro, WashLog, M2Moo, and PartuSense. Each device is designed to bring precision, efficiency, and health monitoring to your operations, revolutionizing the way you care for your herd and optimize your dairy production.


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Full Automated
Mastitis Detection Device

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