• Cattle Treatment & Vaccination

يمكنك الحصول على قطيع أكثر صحة وإنتاجية من خلال إدارة عمليات الفحص والعلاج في قطيعك. يمكنك التحكم في جميع الإجراءات البيطرية في عملك في أي وقت من خلال تتبع معلومات الفحص العام المطبقة على الحيوانات ، ونتائج العلاج ، والإجراءات الأخرى مثل التطعيم ، نتائج الفحوصات والأمراض ، والأدوية المستخدمة وعمليات العلاج المطبقة.

بعد عملية الفحص أو التطعيم ، يمكنك حفظ العملية وإعداد تذكيرات تلقائية للخطوة التالية.
على سبيل المثال ، إذا تم إدخال بروتوكول علاج يحتاج إلى تطبيقه على الحيوان كل يوم نتيجة الفحص ، يقوم النظام تلقائيًا بتذكير عملية العلاج للحيوان المناسب في اليوم المناسب.

Cattle Vaccination Record in 3 Steps

You can easily create animal lists with the recommendations you will receive according to the vaccines you will choose from the vaccine corpus defined in the system.

Select Pre-Defined Vaccine

Select vaccination program from large corpus of vaccines.

Get Recommended Animal Lists

System automatically defines animal suitable for selected vaccine program.

Insert Additional Animal

With your expertise, you can add new animals to the list and remove the ones you don't want.


Cattle Treatment Records

You can keep records of all examinations, diagnosis comments, test results and medication administration in a single module.



In the Examination module, you can add new examination methods and list the animals that are suitable for selected examination methods. For example, it is recommended to perform the udder control before the cows are dried off. The animals that are suitable for this situation are listed for you.

In the Diagnosis section you can record your clinical diagnosis and examination comments and you can also easily view your past Examination records.



In the Medication module, you can view the available medications and add a new medication. You can create an appropriate treatment plan by taking into account the drug's label information, withdrawal time and drug price.

You can easily add the animal to be treated and the duration of the treatment. You can also track drugs administration and medication stock.


Some of the Pre-Defined Treatment & Examination List

Reproductive examination

  •  Applied to heifers in 13-15 months age.
  •  Applied to Fresh animals within 25-30 days after calving.

Udder examination

  •  Applied at the beginning of the dry period.
  •  Applied to Fresh animals within 3 days after calving.

Ovarian cyst

  •  Applied to animals that have been Open for at least 2 months.

Mastitis Vaccine

  •  Applied twice at 15 days intervals in the last 2 months of pregnancy.
  •  Applied to lactating cows every 6 months.

Clostridial Mixed Vaccine

  •  Applied to male animals older than 12 months, between 4-6 months period.
  •  Applied to heifers in the 8th month after birth.
  •  Applied in 1-3 months after birth. Revaccination is applied after 2-4 weeks.
  •  Applied in 8th month of pregnancy.


  •  Applied every 6 months, to male animals older than 24 months.
  •  Applied to animals older than 4 months. Revaccination after 1 month.

Easy Data Entry

Select the vaccine and let the system automatically find the animals on the screen that need to be vaccinated.

Automatic Reminders

Choose the treatment to be initiated and let the system automatically alert you when the time is right.

Detailed Reporting

Easily report the list of treated animals according to the vaccine or treatment administered.


Issues Addressed

1. On which animal should I administer the vaccine I want to use?

2. How will I remember what treatment to give next week?

3. I want to keep an animal in the herd, but how will it respond to the examinations?

4. Which vaccine should I use next month?

5. How many animals will be vaccinated?


Issues addressed by the Cattle Treatment and Vaccination Module