• Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

The Breeding Insemination Module lets you monitor the processes to meet the planned yield of expansion ratio. To succeed in breeding and expansion ratio, your need to control the breeding and insemination processes.

19 Mar 2019   |    Heat, Insemination, Breeding, Software

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

One of the key indicators of a productive dairy farm is the reproductive and insemination performance in the farm. For achieving successful breeding and growth rates in the herd, on the other hand, reproductive and insemination cycles need to be monitored thoroughly. With the Breeding & Insemination Module, you will be able to track all reproductive cycles easily and, the system will provide you automatic warnings. For example, a specific while after you enter an insemination procedure, the system will automatically remind you that you have to perform pregnancy checks.

The system will set an automatic reminder based on data input by the user (i.e. for an insemination procedure or pregnancy check, etc.).
If, for instance, data entries were successfully made with respect to a pregnancy check, the drying off procedure for the animal concerned will automatically be added to your daily to do list when it becomes due.

In addition to all these features, you can track so many essential tasks such as verifying the identities of animals inseminated with respective dates of insemination, or, the number of days passed after insemination, the date of pregnancy check and monitoring of pregnancy check results with associated data, separately for each animal in the farmyard.

In order to boost your reproductive performance across your operation, you should record all procedures delivered to each of your animals for breeding in detail. For instance, a postpartum uterine examination and a cyst treatment performed as a result will provide vital information for decision-making on insemination upon the next heat detection. All you need to do is to mark the particular procedure delivered for a particular animal easily on your cell phone or PC on the relevant records for that animal so that you can retrieve the same information easily at a later date, whenever the need arises. The dates will be displayed along with the number of days elapsed in between. Thus, you don’t need to calculate time to see if 21 days have actually elapsed after a date you see on your cell phone.

Easy Data Entry

By simply selecting the animal you’re interested in, you can easily enter all necessary data. You may quickly set many details such as semen to be used and the person to handle insemination. You can create reports in such form and content as you desire with the dynamic reporting feature.

Automatic Reminders

The system sends auto-reminders for any approaching pregnancy check based on user-input insemination data. The content of the auto-reminders will change to report the re-insemination time if the results of pregnancy check yields negative, or, the second pregnancy check and dry off dates if the same yields positive.

Detailed Reporting

You can review past insemination procedures that a particular animal had undergone and thus easily compare its performance. You can also review the separate performances of inseminated animals, as well.

In addition to the broad range of functions described above, the breeding module also handles and is capable of processing pup health and pedigree information. Difficulties during calving and initial examination findings can be easily recorded in the system. The system automatically handles the 21-day cycles and starts generating lists automatically, on expiry of the desired holding/ resting period postpartum.

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For ease of use, you can perform all functions associated with breeding and insemination by initially selecting the animal. Apart from and in addition to above, you can also perform operations on multiple animals as a whole on birth addition, insemination and examination screens.

Dairy Farmer

What problems does it address?

1. When was this cow inseminated? How many days have passed after the last insemination?

2. When should a pregnancy check be performed? What did the Veterinary Physician say during the Last pregnancy check?

3. When should I dry off? When is the expected date of calving?

4. How was the calf after calving? How did the birth take place? What was the result of examination?

5. How did past pregnancies end? What was the milk yield of calves from past calvings?


You can easily track answers to the questions given above and many other processes with the breeding and insemination module.

What Possible Course of Action Can I Follow?

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