• Cow Synchronisation Monitoring Application

Cow Synchronisation Monitoring Application

You may track the synchronisation protocols applied in your operation and the animals to which they apply and set auto-reminders for the next application on the row, using MilkingCloud Synchronisation Module.

19 Mar 2019   |    Synchronization, MilkingCloud, Herd Management System


You may start the procedure by selecting the protocol that you use at your operation, from among available synchronisation applications. Herd Management System will make you recommendations on re-application times and doses, according to the selected protocol. You may change any of these recommendations, as you desire. In furtherance, you may select the animals to which the protocol shall apply and finalise the procedure. Once this is done, during the second-third applications to be made during the upcoming days at your operation, MilkingCloud Herd Management System will issue you reminders with a list of animals.

Recognising the synchronisation protocols, the system will make recommendations for future applications. Thereby you may keep synchronisation records easily and quickly.

The default synchronisation protocols preconfigured in the system are::


Cosynch 72

Double Injection

Double Ovsynch


Weekly Prostaglandin

Ovsynch 48

Ovsynch 56

Presynch 12 / Ovsynch 56

Presynch 14 / Ovsynch 56

Single Prostaglandin


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