The biggest trouble I have on my farm was the subsistent inability to track and learn about the actual conditions of the animals. I coded lots of macros and created countless files in Excel, consistently facing a lot of problems in each of my attempts. I found out that the cattle management program was really expensive, and many were not operating just the way I wanted. Finally, I ended up at MilkingCloud, a marvelous utility that works fully online and a keen and reliable friend that never leaves you regardless of wherever you are, as long as you keep your smartphone in possession.

Farm Owner

Customer Reviews - Ali Buğra BAYKAN - ABM Veterinerlik

We can book our records from a phone, Tablet or PC, without any distress. Entering the daily milk quantities, we conveniently had access to quantities of milk supplied to companies. We established a reliable knowledge repository in our operation by keeping a full record of our total animal assets and which calf was delivered by which animal with respective dates. I recommend MilkingCloud for everyone, it’s an effortless application.



An application that lets us easily and comfortably track the heat periods and gestation periods of animals. The Herd Overview screen allows you to view the status of your entire herd on a single monitor and easily enter the animal’s milk yields into a database. You can even retrieve records of dead animals in your herd without any trouble.

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Hüseyin ERCAN

This enables us to save and view our current profit/loss balance in our operation, with an Income/Expense Statement. We can easily register animal data and track their reproductive cycles. Also, we can track vaccine administration in real-time, thanks to the Vaccination Calendar. We recommend this Software to all because we love it.

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İsmail Çakır

This is an application that allows me to carry out my business properly. It is pretty affordable in worth and there is no need to invest loads of money in purchasing another software.

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Ali Eren

You can record insemination status and milk yields for your animal. It is quite easy to use. It allows you to receive necessary notifications and track your data either from a cell phone or a computer. I recommend MilkingCloud software for everyone.

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