Herd Overview

Your best help Actimoo automatically detects the heat by watching the periods and recording the daily activities of your herd. Whether the birth and period info of the animal is affirmative and no general activity detected on the herd, then Actimoo warns you via SMS, immediately.

No Need To Be Noted Down

No Need To Be Noted Down

Your herd is under the control of Actimoo, online. You don’t have to write down dates of insemination, birth or the control.

All Process is Well in Hand

All Process is Well in Hand

Actimoo and MilkingCloud take care of the entire process, including heat, insemination, yield of milk and treatment.

Insemination On Time

Insemination On Time

With the seasonable insemination you may improve your profit by maximizing the yield of milking and breeding.



The Herd Management Module is user-friendly admin panel that you can monitor the entire info of your animals and do basic managerial.

The Herd Management Module records and manages the info of date of birth, earrings no, bracelet no, name, group, place of the animals. For example, you can filter the automatically defined animal groups (eg. High efficiency group), or skip among the groups that you identified (eg. Animals to be sold), and you add any animal into any group.

The Herd Management Module helps your things easily. You can rapidly surf between the groups and animals via its developed search engine and manage your entire daily routine from the same screen. You can complete your insemination records, breeding checks, birth process etc easily with a few clicks.

You can easily monitor your basic info which will help you to increase your yield on the herd management screen. You can check the yield of milk diagram and the weight of your animals just in seconds and can immediately interfere in the possible decreases in yield.

Herd Management
Thanks to the Daily Routine Module that warns for the situations require for interference and reminds of daily plans, there will remain no escaper.
There are lots of things to be done to protect the yield of your farm. Daily works such as scheduled vaccinating, insemination on time and breeding checking the inseminated animals? The Daily Routine Module controls your entire daily works instead of you for today and the future.

Besides, there will be matters to care in order to the yield of herd. For example, the system warns you in case of rapid changes on the yield of milk or the weight of your animals. Interference on time does protect you from huge losses.

The Daily Routine Module includes the warning and reminders below:

  • The heat
  • Expected heat
  • Ready to insemination
  • Check for pregnancy
  • Animals recommended to be kept dry
  • Less than 10 days to birth
  • Milk not suitable for the milk tanks
  • Rapid decreases at the yield of milk
  • Rapid changes on the weights
  • To be treated
  • Time to vaccinate
  • Time to run the tests
  • Daily Routine
    This screen lets you to monitor your yield of milk both generally and individually. Take a professional and quick look at the yield of milk at farm with the Milk Monitoring Module!

    Milk production is one of the important performance indicators at the milk farms; even the entire process is designed to increase the yield and to decrease the costs. In these cases, you need individually increased yield of milk in order to guarantee the firm profits.

    The Milk Monitoring Module is taking a quick and professional look at your farm’s yield of milk. You can monitor the exact date range and the milk production belongs to that range.

    You can monitor your yield of milk daily or check the overall and average milking (morning and evening) diagrams, so focus on important matters instead of losing yourself between the numbers. For example, if there is a certain decrease at the yield of milk at a specific date; you can easily monitor this decrease and reach the data of each animal with one click.

    The Milk Monitoring Module increases your speed, so you can interfere quicker.

    Milk Monitoring
    The Breeding Insemination Module lets you monitor the processes to meet the planned yield of expansion ratio. To succeed in breeding and expansion ratio, your need to control the breeding and insemination processes.

    Breeding and insemination success is the key symptom of your yield of milk. To catch the successful breeding and insemination ratio in herd, you need to follow the breeding and insemination processes exactly.

    The Breeding Module lets you to easily control the entire breeding process and the system warns you automatically. For instance, the system automatically reminds you to check the pregnancy aftermath the insemination.

    The breeding and insemination menu lets you to catch the ratio of growth and breeding by the functions such as the heat and herd insemination. You will easily monitor your herd’s expansion. You will have the occasion to interfere on time if necessary.

    The Examination and Treatment Module keeps your animals’ health records and lets you to monitor and manage the treatments.

    Your herd get healthier and more efficient as you manage the health check and treatment processes. You can monitor the general health check, treatment, vaccination, medicine and test info of your animals at any time.

    Health Check
    Adding, deleting and editing the examinations, ovary problems, uterus problems, illnesses, treatments and the older records.
    Vaccination tabs is used for managing vaccinations. It states the vaccinations have done and about to be done. Thus, automatic reminders and warnings are set.
    Illness Test
    This screen is used for managing the tests. It includes the tabs of add and manage the tests. You can manage the tests that have run and to be run.
    It shows the mastitis measurement results during the milking process and it works with the Automast product.
    Examination & Treatment
    The Ration Module increases the yield of your herd by developing solutions to minimize your feeding costs.

    40-70% of the farm expenses is standalone the feeding costs. The only way to decrease the feeding expenses is to develop the diet.Whether the requirements of the animals are not met while the feeding expenses are decreasing, the yield of your milk and the health conditions of your herd is going to be on the decline.

    The Ration Module enhances cheap alternative feeding plans in the name of you. So you decrease your feeding expenses while you increase the yield of your herd. Besides, you can monitor your feed stocks under the feed tab.

    Preparation the Ration
    Herd Overview Module is developed for you to monitor the lactation circle and the delegation of your animals, on the same screen.

    Herd Overview Module lets you easily monitor the lactation circles. You can check your animals individually and monitor the actual phases of your entire herds. For instance, you can easily monitor the density of animals of heat on the same screen and so brace yourself.

    Herd Overview Module increases your dominance upon the herd.

    Herd Overview

    MilkingCloud ensures you Data Migration Wizard. After you sign up to the Milking Cloud, you can download excel data template and can easily fill with your current cow information, then by uploading the template, each cows with detailed information will be shown on your new Milking Cloud account.

    Data Migration

    Breed (1:Holstein, 2:Montofon, 3:Simmental, 4:Jersey, 5:Hybrid, 6:Other)

    Gender (1:Cow, 2:Bull)

    Current Situation (1:Calf, 2:Heifer, 3:Fresh, 4:Heat Period, 5:Ready to Insemination, 6:Idle, 7:Inseminated, 8:Pregnant, 9:Dry Off, 10:Beef Cattle, 11:Breeding Bulls)

    The Cost Module helps you with your income and expense calculations. This module keeps your older and yearly expenses, overall quanta of your monthly feedings, monthly consumption of cleansing andthe other expenses records.

    The yield of herd is depends on right decisions on your needs and expenses. You profit while your incomes meeting the expenses. Expenses as the feeding ration, medicine, health check, care of the milking parlor, cleaning the barn need to be planned and applied well in order your needs. Thus, knowing the expenses in short and long terms means a lot for the farmers.

    The yield of the good-state farm is about the milk qualityand sustainable growth of the herd population. Thus, farmers can make profit. The yield and quality of milk depends on animal type, good care andthe quality of feeding andinsemination. Meeting these three requires some investments. Whether you keep your income-expensediagram righteously your farm will make profit.

    Cost Calculations
    You can monitor the entire activity and mobility of your animals on the same screen.

    Actimoo (www.actimoo.com) owners can monitor the herd mobility diagrams on the Activity Meter screen. You can monitor your herd overall on the same diagram and make comparisons.

    You can monitor the info and activities of your animals.

    Actimoo (www.actimoo.com) owners can monitor the pedometer info and can place the pedometer on any other animal of yours withoutactivation key if you like.

    Activity Meter
    You plan with The Synchronization, We follow your plans...

    You can monitor your planned heat processes, thus you can control your entire breeding process.

    Thanks to the developed and specified reporting, all of your reports in in your hands anytime...

    It is strictly important to monitor your animals and herd reports in order to plan and control your herd. It’s impossible to make plans without the access to your historical records.Thus, your developed and dynamic smart reporting support awaits for you on the milkingcloud.com.

    You can now create any kind of special reports including your data. If you’d like to;

    • Animal Card
    • Milk Report
    • Herd View
    • Insemination Report
    • Birth Report
    • Sperm Statistics
    • Health Report
    • Animal List
    are also accessible for your planning processes. You can download your reports on PDF or EXCEL formats, or mail them as well.

    Dynamic Reporting
    All processes from birth to death of all the your herd are under control by the Milking Cloud.

    With the application, you can easily access the functions of adding animals, accessing animals\' milk and mobility data, and entering data, seeding. Important lists are grouped in animal lists so you can quickly access from the main screen.
    You can instantly access Actimoo pedometer data, and you can easily manage the add pedometer process for animals.

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