• Health Management

Health Management

The Vaccination, Treatment and Examination Module lets you maintain full records of vaccination and treatment procedures undergone for your livestock and view and manage the therapeutic procedures applied to them.

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Health Management

By managing the examination and treatment processes in your herd, you can get a healthier and more productive herd. You can check all the veterinary procedures in your facility at any time, including procedures such as general examination information, treatment results, vaccination, medicine and illness tests applicable to animals and treatment processes.

Following an examination or vaccination procedure, you can not only record and register the procedure itself, but also set auto-reminders associated with the next step ahead.
If, for instance, a treatment protocol has been added for administration to the animal every other day, as a result of an examination, the system will automatically remind you of the treatment procedure for the intended animal on the scheduled date.

Herd Management Software

Under the examination procedures, you can add ovarian problems, uterus problems, illnesses and treatments, view, delete and edit historical examinations.

During vaccination procedures, you can manage the vaccines. The vaccines administered may dictate the vaccines to be repeated so that you can receive auto-reminders and warnings thereof afterwards.

Vaccination procedures are tasks performed at certain time intervals and depending on the actual conditions of animals. You can receive automatic recommendations for the right protocol to adopt and animals on which it is recommended for application, in an instant, out of numerous system-default vaccination protocols. For example, the informative phrase, “To be administered 3 times a year at disease locations, on livestock older than 3 months” will be auto-generated by the system for LSD Vaccine injections. The system will automatically produce a list of animals older than three months that have never received administration of LSD Vaccine before to let you easily include them in your vaccination procedures. Moreover, there will be auto-reminders of second and third rounds of vaccination for already vaccinated animals.

Easy Data Entry

You pick the vaccine and let the system retrieve animals needing administration of that vaccine automatically on screen.

Automatic Reminders

You specify the treatment to be initiated, and let the system warn you automatically when their time is due.

Detailed Reporting

Easily make lists of animals receiving treatment versus the vaccine or treatment administered.


Some of the vaccines defined in the system :

  • Septicemia - E.Coli Serum
  • Septicemia - Mixed Antiserum
  • Screed Vaccine
  • Brucella S19 Juvenile Vaccine
  • Brucella Adult Vaccine
  • Clostridial Combo Vaccine
  • Leptospirosis Vaccine
  • IBR+BVD+IP3+BRSV+H.Somnus Mix
  • E.coli Vaccine
  • Rota Virus Vaccine
  • Bovine Coronavirus Vaccine
  • E.Coli + Rota + Corona Mix
  • Mastitis Vaccine
  • Pasteurella Vaccine
  • Botulism Vaccine
  • Rinderpest Vaccine
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • Anthrax Vaccine
  • LSD (Polio Vaccine)

Health Management

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In order to ensure ease of use, it is possible to carry out vaccination and treatment procedures by selecting multiple animals at a time. However, you may also carry out the examination procedures by selecting only one animal.

Dairy Farmer

What problems does it address?

1. On which animal should I apply the vaccine I want to use?

2. How will I manage to remember the treatment to be implemented next week?

3. I want to keep an animal in the herd but how did it respond to inspections?

4. Which vaccine should I use during the next month?

5. How many animals will receive the vaccine to be administered?


You can easily track answers to the questions given above and many other processes with the breeding and insemination module.

What Possible Course of Action Can I Follow?

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