• Farm Management, Daily Tasks and Reports

Farm Management, Daily Tasks and Reports

With the daily tasks module, you will no longer need to worry about any forgotten or overlooked tasks, thanks to the various reminders designed to show tasks to perform and situations to attend.

19 Mar 2019   |    MilkingCloud, Farm Management, Old Data in New System

Daily Routine

There are countless daily tasks that need to be performed to render a farm productive. Certain animals require vaccination at predefined intervals while others demand insemination because it is time, and the need may arise to perform pregnancy checks in some of inseminated animals, among countless other duties to attend to daily. The daily tasks module will handle all these tasks for you, keeping a track of them for the present day and near future.

Daily reminders and advanced reporting features place animal-specific data right in your hands...

Also, there will be a lot of issues that you will need to account for in order to keep your farm fertile and profitable. For instance, whenever a sudden drop occurs in milk yield or weight of a particular member of your herd, the system will keep you informed. With regards to farm management, timely interventions made in such cases will save you from greater losses.

Daily Routine

How to Do Farm Management?

In response to this question, you may track your farm operation down to the slightest detail with the warnings and reminders incorporated into MilkingCloud Herd Management Software Daily Tasks Module.

In heat

Expected Heat

Ready to insemination

Check for pregnancy

Animals recommended to be kept dry

Individuals Getting Close to Calving

Animals Whose Milk Will Not Be Transferred to the Bulk Milk Tank

Rapid decreases at the milk yield

Individuals experiencing changes in weight

To be treated

Animals to receive Vaccines again

Prospective Tasks

Tracking all your animals and generating reports for your farm has a vital importance to planning your business. It is impossible to draw up your plans without any background knowledge. You can easily manage all information regarding your operation through dynamic and sophisticated, as well as intuitive and intelligent reports provided by the MilkingCloud Farm Management Application.

Dynamic Reporting

Animal Card

Milk Report

Herd View

Insemination Report

Birth Report

Sperm Statistics

Health Report

Animal List

You can plan the future by accessing the information you want and by creating advanced reports available in the above formats, by default. You can receive your reports in PDF or EXCEL formats if you want, and forward or redirect them via email to each address you desire.

Let our experts reach you for further details about and procurement steps of the software.


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