• Freelance Veterinary Physician Application

Freelance Veterinary Physician Application

Freelance veterinary physicians track multiple operations, unlike Resident Farm Veterinarians. With MilkingCloud, physicians can easily manage and report all operations they track in a single application.

19 March 2019   |    Ration, MilkingCloud, Herd Management Software

Freelance Veterinary Physician Application

MilkingCloud Herd Management Software allows a veterinarian to manage and report data of multiple establishments. A veterinarian who logs in the system may view data of a certain ranch or all establishments at the same time on a single screen, on desire. Thereby he or she may track and monitor all processes on a single screen, in a user-friendly manner.

You can record all animal data for every farm you own, administer or otherwise attend, in detail.

We have developed a mobile application for veterinarians to quickly check all historical tasks performed at the enterprise through their cell phones, during their farm visits. This feature allows you both to review historical data and to make records of procedures in progress instantly, in real-time.

The efforts pursued in a business operation are processes that are pretty hard to record and manage, in most of the cases. MilkingCloud gives you the opportunity to take notes of the tasks you have performed at the operation by only leaving a voice record through the mobile application in your cell phone. Thereby, you may easily solve such problems as forgetting subsequent procedures or wrong entry of records etc.

All Operations on One Screen

You can easily manage all the farms you used to track from a single application, whether at the office or in the field.

Easy Access Through A Cell Phone

No matter where you are, you may easily pull reports of data on all your operations through your cell phone.

Easy Note-Taking With Voice Recorder Utility

When working at the operation, you may take note of a particular procedure delivered by recording voice with the single push of a button.


Facilities Extended To Resident Farm Veterinary Physicians

Another facility that MilkingCloud application has to offer to veterinarians who work for ranches on a freelance basis, is that it grants individual system access to office workers and secretarial staff with their own accounts. This makes it possible for your secretary to update the records, generate reports, and inform your customers on operations performed retrospectively, while you are working in the field.

The most vital of all problems faced by veterinarians, in addition to all these advanced procedures, is incomplete or missing data entries.

Freelance Veterinary Physician Application Incomplete Information Module

MilkingCloud will allow an entity to see which data are incomplete on this matter in detail. Also, those data which can be detectable as defective will also be reported. For instance, if a cow with an insemination date input to the system delivers and such delivery is not recorded in the system, then it is automatically reported. Thereby you may automatically revise retrospective data errors, as well.

You can record breeding details and view those animals which need to be inseminated, dried off or taken to pregnancy checks, with the automatic notification system of the software.

You instantly become aware of system warnings generated in all operations. For example, you may automatically receive a notification issued to the management about cows with approaching baby delivery dates. Thereby, you can easily extend guidance and advice for any processes of operations managed by a calendar.

You may record vaccination histories of animals, monitor prime and booster dose dates and make use of the Vaccination Plan module to receive auto-reminders for animals whose vaccination dates are or about to become due.

The service fees and drug costs of freelance veterinarians can also be managed separately for each operation. This allows you to organise current accounts under a single system.

Let our experts reach you for further details about and procurement steps of the software.

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We’re assuming you’re a real living person, but just to be safe, here’s a simple test.