• M2Moo Heat Detection


Pedometer(x3):447 $USD
Antenna:700 $USD
Platinum Pack:399 $USD
MilkingCloud Integration:300 $USD
Total:1846 $USD

1049 $USD


With the help of M2Moo Heat Detection, you can detect both heat and silent heat, and be instantly informed. Inseminating at an optimal time of artificial insemination and reaching successful results of insemination, MilkingCloud and M2Moo Heat Detection are the ideal pair to track these events. The antenna and pedometers work together as a system. Pedometers track the activity of your cows, then deliver the data and heat information to the antenna. Then system notifies you if needed.

  • Attach to the Neck, Monitor 24/7
  • Easy to Use, Long Durability
  • No Technician Required, Wireless
  • Automatic Warning
  • Precisely Timed Insemination Opportunity

Pedometer: 175 g

Antenna: 525 g

Collar: 134 g

Farm Owner

M2Moo is a great system because I could not observe any unusual jump or activity on my cow however M2Moo detected and warned me about it. Then, I informed my veterinarian and she verified the heat detection and we made the insemination successfully. Thanks to M2Moo I could have managed the insemination efficiency of my cattle herd.


“Although I constantly observe the animal for 3-4 hours in a day, I cannot notice any increase in the activity level of the animal. However, when I was dealing with other stuff, M2Moo detected an activity increase in the same animal and sent me a notification. It prevented me from losing lots of money because of not detecting heat.

How Does It Work?

The pedometer device accumulates data on all activities performed by the attached animal via an algorithm. It transposes the data on an antenna system with which it communicates at specific intervals.

The pedometer easily attaches to animals’ necks rather than their feet or legs.

How does M2Moo Heat Detection Work?

Our technology detects all movements of the animal, not just the number of steps. This allows for the detection of animal reactions even when animals are standing still. Combined with visual observation, this is an extremely accurate and efficient method to track animal health and behavior.

This data collection continues for 24 hours. After the first 24 hours,the computer system will examine the previous days’ activity patterns of a particular animal, and issue a decision as to whether any symptoms of heat are present. Thereby it becomes possible for the system to effectively detect any symptoms of heat instantly. Positive heat detection is revealed via e-mail or SMS text message to the user or farm manager.

M2Moo Heat Detection keeps close track of the differences in farm animal activity, such as increased activity and mounting behaviour during heat. If the difference in activity continues for a definite period of time, an automated SMS message is sent to the farm/ranch owner. Detection of heat requires the tracking of many variables, depending on animal health and farm applications. A visual check should always be performed on the animal whenever M2Moo Heat Detection warnings are received. M2Moo Heat Detection´s rate of success varies from 80 to 95%, depending on farm standards and animal health.

No Need To Be Noted Down


Your herd is under the control of M2Moo Heat Detection online. You don’t have to write down dates of insemination, calving or the pregnancy check.



M2Moo Heat Detection and MilkingCloud take care of the entire process, including heat, insemination, yield of milk and treatment.



With the seasonable insemination you may improve your profit by maximizing the yield of milking and breeding.

To Maximize Performance on Your Dairy Farm...

Attach to the Neck

M2Moo Heat Detection and MilkingCloud cooperate to deliver you the ability to auto-detect heat in cows. Moreover, you are informed on the instant of heat through an SMS message delivered to your cellphone.

Monitor your Herd

Pedometers can be used repeatedly and recurrently on other animals until they wear out. We recommend leaving M2Moo Heat Detection attached to the same animal throughout the gestation period. Doing so will help you to notice a possible pregnancy loss.

Increase Efficiency

If a farmer can get one calf per each cow owned, this implies success. With proper insemination, there will not be any interruption in milk output. And proper insemination is only possible with efficient heat tracking.

M2Moo Heat Detection

Increase Your Income

Dairy cow breeding relies on the principle of getting one calf every year. In a not regularly calving herd, a profitable business is hardly possible. If the period of 1 year has already expired, daily loss in terms of yield is calculated to be around $ 7 or 8 (Milk estimated at 80 piastres). At the end of 45 to 60 days postpartum, the average cost of a missed heat is $ 140 or 150. M2Moo Heat Detection enables the elimination of this cost once and for all.


1. Silent Heat: MilkingCloud Heat Tracking System detects heat with a success rate of 89%, including sub estrus or silent heat.

2. 24/7 Monitor: The system works round the clock. No internet connectivity needed on your farm. It keeps track of all your cows both during both day and night.

3. Automatic Warning: Detected heats are immediately reported to you via SMS in real time. You can confirm heat by performing a visual inspection.



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