Secure Purchase

In case of online payments using credit or bank cards, there is a special “Secure Payment (3D Security” screen, designed to secure payments via Internet. You finalise a purchase transaction securely by entering the password sent to your inbox on your cell phone by your Bank.
Your user name and order number will be communicated to you via SMS and e-mail. You can instantly start using the program following the instructions sent to your e-mail address.
Immediately after the purchasing transaction, you may start using your software by logging in to the system, after following and applying the instructions sent to you via e-mail.

How Many People Can Use At Your Operation? What Are They Authorised View?

Yes, you may configure as many users as you want in the system.
You may set different user names and passwords in any number you wish and authenticate them for any module of your desire from within the application.
You may authenticate whichever user you wish to view a particular or group of modules specified by you.
Yes, you may configure and apply restrictions for Operating Income / Expenses and more other modules.

Installation of Software and on Multiple Computers

Because it is a cloud-based program, you can start using the program with your user name and password by logging in to the link sent to you.
You can use the software when you have internet access on your PC or smart phone.
I own more than 100 livestock in my ranch. Putting them individually on record one after the other will take a long time. How can I add a new record to the program in the shortest way?
You may adjust the original Excel file containing your animal records to the Excel format configured in the program to handle recording of data all at once and in masses.

Are my Data Lost?

All your recorded data are backed up at every 15 minutes on the server PC.
You may download your data any time you want with our reporting module.
Your data are protected and regularly backed up, so you don’t need to perform a separate backup.
Since the software is a web-based online system, you can access your application from any computer.
MilkingCloud herd management system is put in the most advanced server centres. The server PC on which the software runs are guarded by super-advanced firewalls. However, considering all possibilities, the entire data and information on the system are also stored in a different room, instantly. During trials run for potential problems, it took only 10 minutes for the system to retrieve all its data and resume operation. At this end, MilkingCloud Herd Management Software guarantees protection of your data against loss and your instant access to the system at any time you desire, thanks to the technology and infrastructure it employs.

Pricing, Pack Options and Annual Charging

Our Packs are supplied for at least 1-year of service. If you wish, you may purchase packs with longer service periods.
You will be informed via SMS 1 week before your time expires. You may consider completing a re-purchasing procedure. Then you may continue using the software from where you have left.
MilkingCloud offers its customers who have registered with the system as members during the previous years undertakes that it shall not make any overpricing above and beyond the usual prices applied for new customers. As a commercial business, our sales policy for constantly growing our base clientele with new customers is prepared so as to set our prices in line with our goal to preserve our company as a going concern, and with consideration of the purchasing power of our farmers. In this context, it is apparent that an excessive increase caused in applicable rates would eventually result in loss of customers. You, the esteemed and experienced users of our software are allowed to take advantage of all product discounts and campaigns in effect by the date and time of your subscription renewal.

Data Confidentiality

No, your data cannot be viewed by other persons, they are kept strictly confidential.
Cannot be viewed by other entities or people.

Help - Support

You may ask anything that comes to your mind by filling out the online form at the designated product site about the Software. Your questions and inquiries will be attended within maximum 24 hours. You may as well choose to get Live Support through our official website. You may also contact us by writing through our Help Desk supplied as built-in with the Software.
You can get support for free.

Tablet PC and Mobile Application

You can also access the program from your smart phone and tablet PCs. You can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.
You may download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, for the duration in which the pack you have purchased remains valid.
The system supports all devices falling under so-called category of smart phones.

Which Pack Should I Buy?

No, you may use the same program to register your male animals and keep their records.
This won’t work, but you can still upload the milk report you obtain from the parlour into the system.
No, your milk data cannot be automatically retrieved. You may personally enter your milk production data either singly for each animal you own or as a whole.
You can authorise user access to the software for your Veterinarian by creating a user name and password for the purpose.If he/she so wishes, the Veterinarian can keep records for other farms, upon purchasing our Veterinarian module.


Once you save your tasks in your schedule, you will then be informed about their time coming via E-Mail. There are also other reminders that the system may deliver on such important matters as cattle to be dried off, taken to pregnancy check or for which insemination times have come, or time for weaning calves. You may receive them as a list via E-Mail notifications.
You may keep whatever records you want here and receive reminders when the time comes for them to be put in use, all thanks to our scheduling module.


Yes, you may generate reports of, save on your computer and take printouts of animal data, any time you want.
In the reporting module you can generate reports as you wish.You can create and save your own custom reports.
You can save the Generated Reports on your computer in PDF, Excel formats or as Templates, and also share them with any people of desire via E-Mail.



Knowledge Base Access and
E-mail Support

We deliver service to all our users who have purchased telephone support packages, between the following hours


08:30 - 18:00


Please complete and send our questionnaire for your questions and let us return to you with answers, within maximum one day.

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