MilkingCloud Herd Management Software Module Specifications

Herd Management

MastiPro - Mastitis Detection System

With early diagnosis of Mastitis, you can always track the udder health of your animals.

M2Moo Heat Detection

By the help of M2Moo Heat Detection, you can detect both heat and silent heat, also track insemination and be instantly informed.

Partusense - Calving Monitoring System

A novel system that lets you know that your cow is about to calf, from 3 hours before (Very Soon).

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

Manage breeding, insemination, and fertility information to realize fruitful success.

Vaccine Monitoring

You may now scan vaccination and examination records with cloud-based software.

Milk Yield

Track the milk yields consistent with animal or for the whole herd, on call for with MilkingCloud Dairy Software.

Daily Routine

Daily reminders and advanced reporting features place animal-specific data right in your hands...

Herd Management

MilkingCloud software program lets you manage your herd. A smooth manner to track livestock.


Choose your rationing scheme to easily control feeding amounts for dairy and beef cattle.

Cost Calculations

Manage all of your operation’s financial gain and expenses on one screen.


By aggregating and evaluating all data inputs the system will create recommendations for future applications.

Examination & Treatment

Freelance veterinary physicians track multiple operations, unlike Resident Farm Veterinarians.