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For Instant Notifications and Collaboration: Slack Integration for Farm Management

We've created a powerful integration with Slack to help you efficiently manage your farm. With this integration, you can receive instant notifications about important events and handle farm-related tasks more efficiently.

Effective Communication and Automated Task Distribution

Farm management has always been a time and resource-intensive task. However, with our Slack integration, we're making this process easier and more efficient. You can use Slack notifications to instantly learn about all important information and events related to your farm.

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Real time notifications
Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications about insemination, pregnancy, milk yield, births, disease diagnoses, and more. With notifications delivered through Slack, you can react quickly.

Instant Access
Instant Access

By clicking on the incoming notifications, you can quickly and easily access the relevant screens. This enables you to make fast decisions and take action when needed.

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Productivity Increase
Increased Productivity

Efficiently manage daily tasks on your farm. Information sharing becomes more effective with Slack, fostering stronger collaboration among your team.

The Advantages of Slack Integration

The integration of MilkingCloud with Slack makes farm management more effective. Now, team members can communicate instantly, take notes, and easily share files. Additionally, you can quickly access all data related to your farm through Slack, allowing you to create automated task assignments based on this information. Information sharing and collaboration become more effective with Slack. This makes it easier for you to make quick decisions and take action when needed. As a result, all processes on the farm progress more efficiently, quickly, and smoothly

Advantages Offered by Slack Integration.


We also use the Mastitis Detection Device. Thanks to the notifications sent to my mobile phone, I can keep milk health under control in my animals. With the daily reminders and reports, I stay informed about the condition of all my cattle on the farm. I'm very satisfied, thank you for your efforts...


Şerbetçioğlu Farm / Edirne/Keşan

It's a device I use on my farm to increase milk quality and productivity. The best aspect for me is that it integrates with my herd management system. It's very easy to use. In addition to keeping me informed about my animals' conditions, the benefits it provides are visibly significant in a short period of time.


Ceyda Dairy Farm / Cyprus

Since installing the Mastitis Detection Devices in my milking parlor, the notifications on my phone allow me to direct the veterinarian for treatment without wasting time. The veterinarian on my farm doesn't have to do individual testing on each animal anymore. We saved both time and money, and got milk quality under control.

Nesip İlter ALTAN

Nesip Bey Farm / Karaman/Sazlıyaka Köyü

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