• Easy to install to parlour.
  • Battery-powered, no electrical connection required.
  • Diagnoses subclinical mastitis at an early stage. Instantly warns the milker.
  • Totally in-line. No technician required.
  • With two different warning levels, the milker can easily understand the stage of Mastitis.
  • Easily connect to your MastiPro and see the results via Bluetooth.

Weight: 175 g

Width: 65 mm

Length: 155 mm

Height: 65 mm

How to use?

MastiPro has an easily-mounted structure that fits on milk hoses. As the system does not require electrical power cords or other wiring, it alerts either the milk harvester or farm management with instant and timely warnings about severity of the condition when it performs a Mastitis diagnosis.

Easy installation

Simply attach the device to the milk tube, and it will be ready to operate right away, without needing any other connections, electrical or otherwise. Connecting the system only to the milk line is enough to put it in service.

24/7 Operation

The device automatically detects the flow of milk and starts working. There’s no need for any further procedures, like powering up the device or shutting it off once the milking process is over.

Automatic Warning

As soon as earliest symptoms appear, Mastitis and Subclinical Mastitis will be auto-diagnosed, triggering an automated visual alarm at different light intensities depending on the level/severity of the disease.

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