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  • In-Line Mastitis Detection System

Mastitis Alerts

MastiPro will give you early signs of mastitis with the LED lights

Detects Subclinical Mastitis, Catch early signs of Mastitis


MastiPro sends notifications to the users wherever they are

Replaceable battery, Compatible with 16mm milk hose

Easy Setup

Now with replaceable batteries MastiPro is easy to install. No staff required

Easy Setup-No STAFF needed, Operates Automatically, Compatible with all milking systems


How to use?

Simply attach the device to the milk tube, and it will be ready to operate right away, without needing any other connections, electrical or otherwise. Connecting the system only to the milk line is enough to put it in service.
The device automatically detects the flow of milk and starts working. There’s no need for any further procedures, like powering up the device or shutting it off once the milking process is over.

Technical Data

Unit Weight
240 g (with battery)
15.5 x 6.0 x 6.0 cm
Battery type
C size Lithium Battery
Power input
3.6 Volt, 10 mApeek
Diameter of the connection point to the milk line
Sensitivity setting
a value between 1-6 can be selected. (1:min, 6:max)
Measurement control
single chip microcontroller
2 Years
Measurement resolution
1 unit
Battery Life
5 years (depends on Bluetooth connection time)
Recommended storage temperature
from 4°C to 45°C
Warning method
via LED light (blue - normal, yellow - suspected, red - mastitis)

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