MilkingCloud Application Interface and Environments

MilkingCloud Parlour Integration

MilkingCloud’s cloud-based infrastructure, provides easy and fast technical support to the Holding structures with multiple dairy farm businesses. Larger corporate businesses, holding companies in different locations with dairy farms, want to examine all data separately on a business basis and as a whole for reporting and performance management.

MilkingCloud Holding - Multifarm Features

Multiple dairy farms can be managed from a single point.

Each dairy farm can see its own data.

Comparative reports can be obtained from the center.

Data can be extracted automatically from local parlor systems.


With MilkingCloud, each dairy farm can run in itself only through its own data. Persons assigned in the central structure can examine each facility separately, as well as the data of all of them in a single report.

Detailed reports such as business performance, profitability and cost can be obtained comparatively with a single click. More importantly, this process will be performed through the cloud system without anyone having to enter data. It is constantly made online and with fresh data.

Can be connected automatically to existing parlor systems.

With Web Service support, automatic data can be sent to other applications within the organization.

Reports and data can be provided to the enterprise\'s existing ERP systems.

Automatic alerts can be forwarded to corporate email addresses.


Data such as milk yield and mobility of cows are recorded with automatic milking systems in large facilities. With the integration, all data of the milking system you use can be automatically transferred to the MilkingCloud Cloud Structure.

This transfer can be performed every hour of the day at a frequency of your choice. You can easily access the data of a dairy farm in different parts of the world, always online. Even if you use a different brand milking system in each business, it is not a problem, you can make modeling for each local business separately.


All data stored on the cloud can be automatically transferred to all ERP systems where you use the enterprise technical infrastructure. Data and reports prepared in the format you want can be automatically transferred to ERP systems as often as you want via Web Services.

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