• Cattle Feed Records

Feed Stock and Ration

The differences in ingredients in plans applied on different dates are automatically addressed by the system. An automatic computation of the quantities of feed consumed from the inventory, according to the number of animals found in the groups on the dates specified. Therefore, you can automatically keep a track of your feed stocks.
Experience unique simplicity in performing functions related to ration organization. You can configure new feeding plans in the system through automatic suggestions, taking into account available food stocks.
You can define the rations that you will apply to cattle in different time periods. MilkingCloud can automate your stock monitoring.


Specify the feed materials in your stocks and let the system automatically prepare a ration that best suit your needs.


Define the each group ration and let the MilkingCloud calculates the costs for each day automatically, and your stocks are reduced accordingly.


Not only track each product used as feed, but also get reports of which feeds are consumed at which cost intervals by each grouping of animals.

Apply Ration to Feed Stock & Management

You have determined the ration according to the needs of your cattle and herd. In the next step, you can manage your stock automatically by making the ration operational in the system.

  •   You can apply different rations to each group/herd.
  •   The amount of feed to be spent is automatically determined according to the number of animals in the group.
  •   The consumed feed is automatically reduced from the Feed Stock day by day.