• Ration and Feed Management

Ration and Feed Management

Ration is the most important aspect of Beef Farming that demands utmost attention.

19 March 2019   |    Ration, MilkingCloud, Herd Management, Beef Farming

Ration and Feed Management

This is the leading of most important jobs in Herd Management, for both assuring content in the desired format and controlling costs. MilkingCloud can be used to get advice on effective feed planning, group and record your animals in the system according to different kinds and amount of feeds used per different dietary plans and check costs versus purchase prices.

With the Ration Planning Module, you can save your feed plans that you implement in any time frame that you want on animal groupings made by you and view such details as the cost of feed per capita head animal, the protein energy quantities of the feed and etc.

Prepare your Ration Automatically

Experience unprecedented facilities while performing functions relating to arrangement / editing of diet plan. You may configure new food plans in the system via automatic suggestions, taking the existing food stocks into account.

Define prescriptions that you apply to livestock at different time frames, in the system. You may render your stock tracking automatic. You may review costs individually or in groups.

Easy Operation

Specify the feed materials in your stocks and let the system automatically prepare a plan that best suit your needs, for you.

Automatic Stock Tracking

Record which animals receive feeds and during which time interval and let costs automatically calculated, and your stocks reduced accordingly.

Detailed Reporting

Not only can you track each product used as feed individually, but also can you draw reports of which feeds are consumed at which cost intervals by each grouping of animals.


Beef Farming & Ration Monitoring

You may view the breeding cost attributable to Ration in detail, through screens specific to Beef Farming.

Ration Plan

Additionally, by virtue of the budget module/window that is specially designed for Beef Farming, you may track down the weight gains in your animals and the cost of food in a comparative manner.

The differences in ingredients of plans applied on different dates are automatically addressed by the system. An automatic computation of the quantities of feed consumed from the inventory, according to the number of animals found in the groups on the dates specified. Thereby, you can automatically keep a track of your feed stocks.

The feed plan preparation process facilitates automatic preparation of the plan for the production of the Dry Matter, Raw Protein and Energy needs that you determine with the products in stock.

You specify your expected values (Dry Matter, Raw Protein and Energy Quantities). Let MilkingCloud draft all possible feeding plans for you. Specify the lowest and feasible costs. Have your plan produced with haste and experience maximum benefit.

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