Herd Management

Especially at Dairy Farm Operations, records of animals should be kept individually. With the Advanced Animal management module, you can manage and retrospectively examine the whole range of procedures with respect to a particular animal with their dates and people responsible or in charge of them, and set automatic reminders based on information supplied.

19 March 2019   |    MilkingCloud, Herd Management Software, Lactation

Herd Management

Cows on a dairy farm should be tracked individually and their conditions watched closely to gain awareness of their daily statuses. However, this process is time consuming with conventional, methods and requires technical expertise. Therefore, it is a topic that is most frequently ignored and such ignorance leads to invisible and incalculable grave losses in many herds. With MilkingCloud, you can track your animals based on charts drawn over the calendar.

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In dairy cattle farming, it is more than vital to track each and every cow as well as other animals belonging to the herd. MilkingCloud Herd Management Software provides a reliable and robust platform for you to enter all data relating to each animal you own, or specify the group and location of each cow to generate lists, according to your precise needs.

General Information

Birth and parental information, tag number, breed, weight at birth and at present

Reproductive Tracking

Data on Past calvings, calves and Lactation

Heat and Insemination

Heat and Insemination history

Examination History

Pregnancy check, all health inspections

Milk Yield

Daily, monthly and annual milk yield

Group and Location

You may form groups among the animals.

Herd Management


Easily Track Your Animal

You can put all your animals on a regular record, one after the other. You can generate records comprising entire knowledge about a given animal ranging from its birth and insemination to its milk production in a special file dedicated to that animal. Therefore, you may manage each animal separately and monitor the lactation period. For instance, a list of all cows having 40 days or less to calving is generated automatically and reported to you every day through the system.

You can put all procedures conducted in relation to your animals on the record and set auto-reminders based on that knowledge.

If an animal is inseminated during the day, you can check it via mobile app and computer app. You can enter insemination as successful. This way, MilkingCloud can track the pregnant days for you.

Track Your Animal in Detail

You can record the examinations conducted along with their findings in the system. The medications to be repeated according to the agreed therapy protocol will be shown to you automatically. Similarly, when you organise your animals in groups, you can mark both the groups and the barns in which they reside.

By entering the milk yield details into the system, you can not only track the milk yields of both a particular animal and your other animals in lactation period, but also receive automatic warnings whenever daily milk supply rates tend to decline.

Milk Yield

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We’re assuming you’re a real living person, but just to be safe, here’s a simple test.


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We’re assuming you’re a real living person, but just to be safe, here’s a simple test.