MastiPro is an electronic test device that detects mastitis in cows. MastiPro can be mounted on any kind of milking machine. It works automatically when milking starts, there is no need to start the system manually. MastiPro can detect the early stage of Mastitis in the cow and gives a warning and informs you via mobile application. Very easy to install, very easy to start.

Mastitis in cows can be a difficult burden for farmers to overcome. Every year the U.S. Dairy Industry suffers over $2B in losses due to mastitis. This disease not only affects dairy farmers every year but can cause death in their cows and slow the production of milk even further.

But due to our exceptional knowledge in cow and cattle farming, MilkingCloud has developed a revolutionary Mastitis Detection System for farmers everywhere. It’s incredibly simple to use and requires no elaborate setup or electricians to configure the device.

Easy Setup

Простая установка - персонал не требуется., Otomatik Olarak Çalışır, Compatible with allmilking systems

Теперь со сменными батареями MastiPro легко установить. Персонал не требуется.

Оповещения о мастите

Detects Subclinical Mastitis

MastiPro покажет вам ранние признаки мастита с помощью светодиодных индикаторов.


совместим с молочным шлангом 16 мм!

Вам не нужно быть на стороне коровы, чтобы получить уведомление. MastiPro рассылает уведомления всем пользователям вашей фермы.





XIn-line mastitis detection system which allows farmers to constantly monitor and detect subclinical mastitis.
XCalifornia Mastitis Test is a cow-side assay that evaluates the change in viscosity and used widely among farms.
XMeasurement Frequency
XSetup Cost
XBrevity of Detection Day

Как используется система?

После простого подключения к молочной трубке устройство будет готово работать прямо, без необходимости каких-либо дополнительных подключений, будь то электрические или другие устройства. Для ввода системы в эксплуатацию достаточно подключить ее только к молокопроводу.
The device automatically detects the flow of milk and starts working. There’s no need for any further procedures, like powering up the device or shutting it off once the milking process is over.
Mastitis in Dairy Cow


XCut the milking hose to align MastiPro.

XPlace MastiPro as shown in the picture above.

XUse the L-shaped tool to fix the moving milking hose.

Technical Data

Unit Weight
240 g (with battery)
15.5 x 6.0 x 6.0 cm
Battery type
C size Lithium Battery
Diameter of the connection point to the milk line
15mm *
Sensitivity setting
10-level selection
Measurement control
single chip microcontroller
2 года
Срок службы батареи
5 лет (зависит от времени подключения Bluetooth)
Рекомендуемая температура хранения
from 4°C to 45°C
Warning method
via LED light (blue - normal, yellow - suspected, red - mastitis)

*   Xinner diameter of milking pipe line

**  Xdepends on Bluetooth connection time

*** Xnormal, suspected, mastitis