• Milk Yield and Efficiency in Cows

Milk Yield and Efficiency in Cows

You may track the milk production levels of your farm, either in general or for individual animals or groups thereof as you desire with the MilkingCloud Herd Management System.

19 March 2019   |    MilkingCloud, Herd Tracking System, Dairy Farms

Milk Yield

The milk yield module can help you bring you farm’s milk production under control in a fast and professional manner. Under the batch milk yield tab, you can view the daily milk quantities harvested from each lactating cow in the herd and the average milk yield of the herd, along with the milk capacity of the herd. Individual milk records facilitate the tracking of produced milk quantities for each cow. Also, you can track the cow without leaving instant drops in her milk yield unnoticed.

Users may conveniently record and easily generate reports of milk quantities and qualities. either separately, or for all the animals.

Milk production is the lead performance indicator of a Dairy Farm. In fact, all tasks performed in, on, around and for the farm are planned to either increase the quantities or lower the cost of milk production. With this being the case, for an operation to make a profit out of its business, it should strive to obtain the highest milk yield to keep overall milk yield at maximum.

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Milk Yield for Dairy Farms

With the Milk Yield Module, you can obtain a quick and professional view of milk production on your Dairy Farm. You can enter any date range you desire and easily access milk production details applicable to that interval within seconds. Thanks to the graphical display feature, you can review the total and average milk yield on both a daily and milking cycle (morning and evening cycles combined) basis and track events posing significance, without having to drown in figures.

Milk Yield

Individual Milk Records

You can easily check the milk yield of an entire herd and for a particular animal at daily, weekly or monthly intervals.

Herd Management

Group-Based Milk Yield

You may enter records of overall milk production for your operation on a day-to-day basis. So, you can track production and productivity retrospectively.


You can get reports on individual milk yields by group, age or condition (i.e. pregnant, pregnant heifers, 6-month olds, etc.).


Milk Yield

There is a general drop in milk output on a particular day; this can easily be seen from the curve and a single click on the date of such drop, which will allow you to get access to information on the quantities of milk produced by an individual or a selected group of animals on that day. Thanks to the MilkingCloud Herd Milk Yield Module, you can move and intervene faster in any potential situation.

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We’re assuming you’re a real living person, but just to be safe, here’s a simple test.


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We’re assuming you’re a real living person, but just to be safe, here’s a simple test.