• Dairy Cattle Records

Cow, Calf and Bull Cards

You can see all data on a single screen and easily manage your animals. With specially developed filters for data consistency, you can prevent erroneous information before it is entered.

Cow Records

Identification and Ear Tag Numbers, Purchase Information, Pedigree, Breeding and Calving Records, Health Events, Sale or Cull Operations, Milk Production, Herd Details

Calf Records

Identification and Ear Tag Numbers, Calf performans, EPD, Pedigree Details, Birth Weight, Weaning and Yearling Weights, Colostrum, Health Events, Sale or Cull Operations, Herd Details

Bull Records

Bull ID, Registration Numbers, Purchase or Rent Information, Pedigree / Progeny, Bull Performance, BBSE, Breeding and Movement Records, Health Events, Sale or Culling Information, Herd Details

Data Consistency

Automated create the cards from the data that you entered into the system. Don't mistake while keeping records and don't tire while recording manually.
Safely keep your historical data for cull cows and bulls.
The system data check rule set automatically detects logical errors in the entered data. Some of these rules are:
  •  An underage calf cannot be seeded.
  •  A warning is given when re-seeding a cow that is known to be pregnant.
  •  The interval between two calvings is not allowed to be less than 285 days.

Related Other Features

With the advanced modules of dairy cow software, MilkingCloud offers you the most ideal solutions for dairy farm management. You can review some of the modules related to Dairy Cattle Module below.

Herd/Group Records

Group easily, manage easily. MilkingCloud gives you the possibility to manage herds in your farm.

Milk Production

Monitor and manage your milk with easy to use milk production tracker

Dairy Ration

Manage your feed stock with more than 100 feed definitions. The best cow feed chart and dairy cow ration calculator

Cattle Treatment & Vaccination

The most detailed cattle treatment and vaccination app on record. But still easy to use

Cattle Breeding

Track breeding and seeding processes to succeed in breeding and expansion speed.

Cattle Gestation

Regular calving with gestation follow-up, increase in business profit and milk yield

Integrated Dairy Solutions

Integrated Dairy Solutions


Automated in-line Mastitis detection system


Both heat and silent heat detection pedometer


Rumination ear tag for calving in dairy cows


Calving monitoring systems for cows

Tools that Make Ranchers’ Life Easier

We know that your time is limited and precious. MilkingCloud offers smart tools to save your time.

Daily Task & Reports

Let MilkingCloud keep track of critical reminders, don't worry about keeping track.

Custom Reports

You can design your own report format, filters and even parametric values that makes your report dynamic.

Advanced Gestation Chart

Not just a table, but detailed visualization for individuals. You can easily analyze the lactation stage and transitions of any cow.

User Management

You can manage both users and their authorization.

Integration with Other Systems

We collect your data from your hardware for you free of charge

Migrate Your Old Data

We transfer your data for you free of charge, from any system you use