• Dairy Ration

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XA customized ration is produced for your dairy cow, heifer or calf according to the parameters you set and the feeds you want to include. It gives you the opportunity to examine not only a single solution, but also other possible solutions with different ratios and different costs.

XCalculate Nutritional Requirements

XEnter the cow information to calculate the dairy cow\'s nutritional requirement. (Body Weight, Milk Yield, Milk Fat, Milk Protein, Age, Lactation day, Gestation day)

XSelect Feeds to Insert

XSelect feeds to add to the ration plan from your feedstocks. (concentrate, forage and other feeds type) You can limit maximum or minimum amount of any feed included to the ration.

XGenerate & Optimize Ration

XArtificial intelligence-powered ration calculator gives 4 optimum solutions according to cow needs, feed composition, upper and low limits of feeds and price.

XWhy system generates more than one result?

XMost ration calculators (ration software) produce only one result and claim that this result is the best. We believe that your consideration of other alternatives, even if they are not the "best" answer, will help you to find better feasible solutions. You can answer the following questions yourself by examining all ration alternatives:

XMaybe if we keep the energy a little low, we can come up with a much cheaper solution.
XMaybe with a little more dry matter, we can provide the protein level we want with fewer supplements.
XCan I increase Lysine and Methionine values with little cost increase?

XApply Ration to Feed Stock & Management

XYou have determined the ration according to the needs of your cattle and herd. In the next step, you can manage your stock automatically by making the ration operational in the system.

  •   XYou can apply different rations to each group/herd.
  •   XThe amount of feed to be spent is automatically determined according to the number of animals in the group.
  •   XThe consumed feed is automatically reduced from the Feed Stock day by day.

XFree Dairy Cattle Ration Calculator

XYou can start using MilkingCloud Ration Tool for free now. All feed options and feeding values are listed automatically. You can automatically determine the parameters according to the cattle breed and condition than produce rations immediately.

XYou can use unlimited feed options and define new feeds.

XNutritional values of all feeds are predefined, you can update them as you wish.

XThe needs of your animals are automatically determined according to gender and condition. You can adjust these values according to yourself.