The MilkingCloud veterinary module is a comprehensive program specifically designed for veterinary clinics following bovine health.

  • ● You can record all animal information in farm-based detail.
  • ● Information such as heat, insemination and drying time of bovine animals is automatically monitored by the program and the veterinarian is informed automatically.
  • ● You can report in detail the animals registered on a farm.
  • ● You can record breeding information, monitor insemination, pregnancy control etc.
  • ● You can record the vaccination information of the animals, monitor the vaccination dates again, and use the Vaccination Program module for automatic reminders.
  • ● You can record animal disease information and clinical findings, monitor results and receive reports. You can save the treatments and get reminders you on time.


Veterinary Packages

Starter Pack

650 $/ Year

  • Max 500 Animals
  • Max 8 Farms

Silver Pack

999 $/ Year

  • Max 1000 Animals
  • Max 13 Farms

Gold Pack

1.350 $/ Year

  • Max 2000 Animals
  • Max 20 Farms

Platinum Pack

1.750 $/ Year

  • Unlimited Animals
  • Max 20 Farms

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