• 5 Classical Problems Encountered in Cattle Breeding and Their Solutions

5 Classical Problems Encountered in Cattle Breeding and Their Solutions

17 May 2019   |    Cattle Breeding, Detection of Heat in Cows, Cattle Tracking Application

Problems Encountered by Cattle Breeders | MilkingCloud


One of the biggest mistakes made in Cattle Breeding is to deliver feed materials available at the operation to the animals, without being mixed at correct ratios first beforehand. As a result, major nutritional disorders like Ketosis, Acidosis, Hypocalcaemia etc. occur in cattle. These diseases causes sharp drops in productivity, and may reach at deadly magnitudes.

Another important issue related with ration is the storage of the feeds. Poor conditions of storage and fast moisturising of feeds like silages may induce collective poisoning in animals and make you suffer from loss of your entire herd in a single day.


The delivery room is quite a suitable environment for bacterial growth in co-presence of calf fluids. Therefore, when a calf is born, it should be taken from the delivery room to an individual chamber as immediately as possible. Since the rate of utilisation of a newborn calf from immunoglobulins drops gradually over time at hourly decrements, it should intake colostrum just in sufficient levels during the first few hours of life.

In order to keep all these important issues under control, it is necessary to know when the cow is inseminated and when it is expected to give birth. With MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software, you may track this and view animals with approaching labour from your application screen daily and receive e-mail notifications when the time comes. This way, you may take the measures necessary for Cattle Breeding.


Detection of heat state in cows or heifers is a simple, yet demanding task. Since most animals tend to show signs of heat at dawn, lack of regular and cautious controls at this time of the day may result in dire economic loss in respect of the farm.

The proper conduct of detection of heat in cows enables timely inseminations and thus, increased rates of pregnancy. You can track and learn the last time of labour and time of readiness for insemination of your animal with MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software with integration of M2Moo Heat Detection.


Parlour is the heart of the farm in the dairy cattle business. At the same time, it is the most suitable setting for the growth of bacteria and pathogens clinically responsible for mastitis, the leading cause of noticeable economic loss on a farm. Lack of hygiene at the parlour creates sufficient grounds for the formation of diseases and causes drops in milk yield. You may see drops in milk yield across the herd and increased cases of mastitis on the system and check your parlour.


You should dry off to put at rest your pregnant animals two months before delivery. The udder tissue worn and torn in the aftermath of a complete lactation cycle, as well as all food stores interior to the body of the mothering cow must be replenished postpartum. During this period, there are vaccines that should be administered to pregnant cows. You may use MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software to track those animals which must be dried off and vaccines to be administered during the whole gestation period and make timely and prompt interventions.

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