4 Hints to Keep Animal Cool During Summer as part of Cattle Tracking

Body temperature affects your animals’ health conditions directly. Just like how you protected your animals against cold during winter, you have to guard them against scorching weather during summer, with appropriate measures and safeguards integrated to your cattle tracking practices. Here are 4 tips for keeping your animals cool in summer:

4 Tips For Keeping Your Animals Cool In Summer

1. Air Circulation

Air circulation is the most vital aspect of Cattle health for it helps reducing body temperatures of livestock during summer. One of the most prominent objectives of your operation during the year should be to have your farm’s ventilation systems checked and if necessary, overhauled. Air circulation is a vital factor for clean environment and herd health.

2. Fresh and Clean Water

Definitely make sure that your animals have permanent and unlimited access to fresh and clean water at all times. This may seems like an act of prudence. But, you may be surprised how fast the water gets contaminated in cattle trough. The likelihood of the presence of a bacterial disease in contaminated water is very high and this may cause your animals fall ill. It is very important that your animals consume water during the hot days of summer. Especially, supply of clean water for this purpose is highly beneficial for cattle health, which should not be disregarded.

3. Dry Lying Area

Another important issue on the other hand is the spaces in which animals lye and sleep. One must make sure at full certainty that such areas are kept dry at all times, with cattle tracking. It is of vast importance that the animals lay to rest in dry areas, in order to attain healthy inner body temperatures as during the months of winter. Dry resting places are required for keeping animals away from diseases and letting them produce milk in full health.

4. Prevention of Diseases

Check and track your animals to see if they are ill on a daily basis and in real time. During hot summer days, diseases is spread jolly fast. And diseases are infect the whole barn and its surroundings , especially with the effect of heat supplied by hot weather. You may find it hard to track the health conditions of your cattle one by one, due to dense workload at the farm. You may quite conveniently track their tests, examinations and vaccination checks with MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software, in real time. You may check the health status of each animal individually. Also, you will receive prompt reminders of the times for your animals to undergo health examinations and vaccination via e-mails directed to your inbox.

Never forget, hot weather can directly affect your animals. Tracking your herd healthily and accurately is very important. Carefully follow these recommendations to ensure that your animals have a healthy summer.
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