5 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Farm

5 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Farm |

The purpose of the Herd Management System is to provide a very wide and comprehensive range of control and management abilities to farmers, for supervision and surveillance of the herd. No matter what the actual number of animals would be, the establishing and maintaining control over all production processes is the most important management requirement in livestock operations.

Today, the genetic performances of animals are at an advanced level. At this point, improving profitability lies in management achievements, at a large extent. A Smart Herd Management System is more than capable of helping you with achievement of this objective. Aside from that, a good management practice is accomplished with timely and proper performance of an overwhelming number of small tasks. Herd Management Systems have a great potential to provide consistent improvement of productivity in dairy operations.

With an user-friendly design, MilkingCloud Herd Management Software will make it possible for you to instantly track any change involving the herd, leave retrospective comments and accurately detailed plans for the future. Herd Management Module will let you discover the 5 methods of reducing costs as the following:

1. Herd Management

Oestrus cycle in cows is observed once in every 21 days on average, but for some reason this period changes or its externally visible signs cannot be noticed by the breeder.

In order to achieve maximum performance in a dairy farm, cows should be tracked individually and the farmer kept informed about their daily conditions.
However, this individual tracking and observing period is time consuming and requires technical expertise. Therefore it is mostly ignored by business owners. Omissions in fact lead to huge losses that may be hardly noticeable in many herds and be calculable by Activity Meters such as M2Moo Pedometers. Continued...

With the help of M2Moo Heat Detection System, MilkingCloud offers unique features and functionality that enable farmers to put their livestock on the record in an organised manner via a calendar-based simple interface.Thanks to this system, activity statuses of all cattle in a herd can be tracked during the day and the night, individually. If an animal reaches the heat period, the software makes sure that intervention by farm owners would take place in a more accurate timing and sequence through auto-generated notifications sent over the basic program. Besides, these records serve as input parameters for subsequent retrospective searches all stacked and sorted in an organised manner that ensures fast and easy access.

2. Reproductive Management

It is important to accurately detect heat, inseminate at the appropriate time, and obtain one calf from each cow annually for an effective breeding program in dairy farms. Moreover, in large-scale farms with a large number of animals, difficulties in tracking these procedures may cause problems in reproduction. The best criteria indicating the level of reproduction in cows is the calving interval. All such criteria as conception rate at first insemination, number of inseminations per pregnancy have effects on calving interval. Recent studies indicate the optimum average calving interval to be 365 days. Continued...

Nowadays, several systems are introduced and used for heat detection on time. Heat Detection Systems have a bunch of wisely organised code, merely intended to catch and then report the farmers the exact time when cows are in heat, by closely monitoring their attitudes and activities. MilkingCloud operates as integrated with these systems and makes individual notifications of the animals’ inferred periods, to the farmers and operators by SMS texts. This way, all authorities in charge of operation learn about an animal’s heat, exactly at the moment.

5 Ways to Reduce Costs at Your Farm |


3. Udder Health Management

The milk measuring device, which is used in dairy farms with a milking parlor, helps to keep up-to-date recording of the milk obtained from each animal in every milking. Chemical components of individual and total milk can be analyzed and compared with healthy milk data. In this way, milk quality can be evaluated. Assessments made on the quality and chemical composition of milk as a result of up-to-date tracking provide the basic data for early diagnosis and warning notifications through the system of such udder diseases as Mastitis / etc., of the animals.

4. Feed Management

Feed and water are the most crucial factors for high-quality milk and meat production in cattle farming. Considering that feed costs consist of 50 to 60% of the overall management overheads in any given year and malnutrition lies at the origins of most frequently observed metabolic disorders, it becomes apparent how vital the control of feed management is.

MilkingCloud Herd Management System helps with creating ration plans for both dairy and beef cattle, based on stock data.
It is also very important to check stocks regularly to purchase feed days before stocks run out. It not only allows feeding procedures to be carried out in a professional manner, but also helps to detect problems caused by malnutrition, thanks to procedural measures applied on time.


5. Timely Intervention

MilkingCloud Herd Management Software provides a system totally independent from the milking machine in the parlour. The system generates the necessary set of warnings on time, thanks to the regular recording functionality it provides. Thanks to this, you may track all the developments in your ranch instant by instant. You may cut your costs down to minimum by not intervening late.

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