Cattle Breed Hereford

Hereford cattle originated more than two centuries ago, and the necessity to produce beef for the growing food market following the industrial revolution in the UK was the most important reason for the breed's emergence. Because they must have cattle that can efficiently convert their native grasses into meat and do so profitably.But there was no breed available at the time to meet this need, so farmers logically established the cattle breed known as Herefords. These early Hereford breeders bred cattle for high meat and production efficiency. And they kept these traits so firmly in place that they remain the breed's hallmarks to this day. As you can see from the introduction, the Hereford breed is a fattening breed.

Cattle Breed Hereford

What's So Special About Hereford Cows?

They gain more weight for age and you can feed them on pasture or in the yard. This reduces your investment costs.

Their meat can be sold at the highest prices on the markets as finished beef or store cattle.

Breeding stock can also be sold at very high prices.

Feed costs are low.

They give calves at high rates.

Lower wintering costs.

They are a docile breed. Easy to manage. Therefore, labor costs are low.

They reach early maturity and are long-lived.

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How Long Do Hereford Breed Live?

Cattle are known for their good condition, foraging ability and longevity. Hereford cows live to be over 15 years old and produce calves. Bulls can remain profitable at stud until 12 or more years of age. Many breeders keep older cattle of this breed until they die of natural causes.

Cattle Breed Hereford

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