Cows in Heat

It is very important for cows to show heat. Because the detection of estrus is the good news of the new calf. Because the new calf is the most important element that ensures its continuity in livestock enterprises. The birth of a calf means both giving a calf to the enterprise in the future and producing milk and meat. So all farms want their cows to calve once a year. In case of heat, insemination should be done without losing time.

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What Should Cows Do to Show Heat?

If a cow is not pregnant, it comes into heat every 21 days. You don't need to do anything special for this. Because a healthy hormonal cycle requires this. If you do not think that your cow is in heat in this cycle, you should definitely consult a veterinarian. Because it is possible to see any disease in the uterus. In fact, this situation, which is experienced in many farms, is not a problem of the cow's anger. This determination cannot be made. In particular, it is almost impossible to detect hidden heat by observation.

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How Do I Detect Heat?

Observe your cows at least 6 times for 15 minutes every day, do these periods at the same times every day, just like milking.

Do not change the location and groups of your cows frequently.

Do not constantly change staff and veterinarians, let your employees get to know your animals.

In short, provide stability for your herd in every sense and observe carefully. While it is so easy for cows to show anger, it is actually quite difficult to detect it.

When Should I Inseminate?

Between the 12th and 18th hours from the onset of estrus is critical. Because inseminations made during this period result in pregnancy to a large extent. For example, cows that show heat in the morning should be inseminated in the afternoon, and those that show heat in the afternoon should be inseminated the next morning.

Cows in Heat | Blog

If You Say It’s A Very Difficult Process, Don’t Worry

Of course, not everyone working in the field of livestock may have enough staff or time for this observation. Moreover, even if you watch regularly, you may not be able to detect hidden anger. Well, then I hear you say, what am I going to do? Then I will recommend you a great product, the Actimoo heat detection system. By attaching this small pedometer to your animals' neck, it can easily detect estrus. You can notify your veterinarian for insemination after the notification on your phone.

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