First Line of Response In Cattle Diseases: Education

Despite being quite an advanced state in cattle breeding and farming practices, Turkey falls behind the industrial nations in per head animal productivity figures. One of the leading reasons for this is diseases in cattle. Moreover, the number of enterprises free of infection is still meagre in our country. The solution to the problem of diseases, which is as old as the first foundation of the Turkish Republic as an independent state is conditional upon training the farmer.

First Line of Response In Cattle Diseases

What is the Source Cause of Diseases in Cattle, How Can It Be Revealed?

Cattle are prone to a number of diseases with different etiologies, which are grouped according to systems. Infectious diseases take the priority and pose significant importance in ambient site conditions. Especially the infections occurring in newborn pose importance for calves and steers.

How to Fight Common Cattle Diseases?

Türkiye’de yaygın görülen sığır hastalıkları ile mücadele, hastalığın türüne ve bölgeye göre değişir. Mücadelede öncelik eğitimdedir. Hayvan sahipleri mutlaka eğitilmelidir. Hayvan ve insan sağlığı, hijyen bilinci aşılanmalıdır. Koruyucu hekimlik uygulamaları yaygınlaştırılmalıdır.

The gaps for Veterinarian and Animal Heath Superintendent positions should immediately be filled on the field, and operations should be managed in a professional mindset. Also, the most recent, state-of-the-art production techniques that fits best with the operating conditions should be procured and employed for herd tracking purposes.

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How Can A Dairy Cattle Farm be Converted into An Operation Free of Diseases?

When the rules established for Medical Officers are strictly followed, an operation free of illnesses is obtained. However, in addition to the impossibility of restricting animal entries and exits and avoiding epizootic diseases in domestic livestock, illnesses may originate from different strains, as well. In that case, the vaccine administered is not specific to that strain. A bunch of screening tests or preventive vaccination protocols have been developed for some contagious bovine diseases. The purpose that these vaccines share in common is to prevent the disease from occurring. In other words, it is possible to obtain an operation free of a disease, by vaccination. At this point, proper conduct of Herd Tracking becomes of vast importance. You should use the proper programs for Herd Tracking.

Calves born from dairy cattle who regularly receive vaccination at controlled doses are protected against certain contagious diseases by means of passive immunologic response stimulated by colostrum for a postnatal period of 6 weeks. However, they have to be actively immunised with injections of vaccines that should be given in doses and at times specified on the schedule, as they grow up. Some certain pathogens known to cause no infections in old dairy cows may stimulate diseases in newborn calves. Parasitic diseases, on the other hand, are generally observed in young individuals.

How to Set Up An Operation Free of Diseases?

When setting up and starting a business free of diseases, it is imperative that a veterinarian, who primarily focuses on cattle practices and have self-acquired knowledge and industrial experience on the matter, has good command in at least one international language, is capable of using Internet and preferably a graduate of a Doctor’s Degree (PhD) program on bovine diseases, and whose attendance shall not only be beneficial but also essential for the entire operation to carry out work free of any diseases, should be contacted for professional assistance.

In addition, you can use programs or products where you can track your animals accurately. As an example, with MastiPro, you can anticipate mastitis in cows and take precautionary measures.

Automated Mastitis Test


Mastitis Detection Device - MastiPro

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