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Cow breeds are a very interesting topic for dairy farms and investors. The most curious of these breeds is the Holstein.

Holstein Breed | Blog

Cow breeds are a very interesting topic for dairy farms and investors. The most curious of these breeds is the Holstein. It is true that this breed, which stands out with its milk yield, increases the profitability of the business, but milk yield is not determined only by the breed of the cow. So how is it determined? How many liters of milk does Holstein produce per day? Is milk tracking done with the herd management program? All of them are in our content…

What Factors Depends on Milk Yield?

Milk yield in cows depends on many factors. Apart from genetic factors, conditions related to care, geography and follow-up are also important for milk yield. Factors such as lactation period, number of milkings per day, heat, nutrition, environmental temperature, calving season, dry period, diseases and exercise are some of the issues that affect yield. So how many liters of milk does the cow give? There is no clear answer to the question. Cow breeds, which are called cow breeds, are one of the most basic factors that determine the amount of milk. Although all other factors are ideal, the genetic structure limit cannot be exceeded. Unless genetic ability is supported by care, good results cannot be obtained, and it is meaningless to expect yield from cows without genetic ability.

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What Are the Characteristics of the Holstein Breed?

They are used for both fattening and milk. But it stands out among the cow breeds with the amount of milk.

Milk yield is between 5,000 and 7,000 liters in a lactation period.

It can produce 10,000 liters of milk by selection made with improved and superior ones.

The amount of fat in the milk is between 3 and 3.5 percent.

How Many Liters of Milk Does Holstein Give Per Day?

Although the answer to the question of how many liters of milk Holstein gives varies according to the conditions, it can give up to 85 liters of milk per day when looked at well.

Holstein Breed | Blog

So, How Do I Track Milk?

With the MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking System Milk Tracking module, you can easily track your milk yield and profitability, and group your animals according to their yield. Moreover, we do the integration of animals into the system free of charge for you.

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