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Jersey dairy cows are fantastic. Because they produce the most nutritious and delicious raw milk. This is the main reason why people prefer Jersey cows. In addition, this breed is docile, friendly and lovable. Jersey cattle are more cost-effective than other breeds. They also fit very well on small farms and produce a lot of raw cow's milk for their weight. Read on to learn more about this wonderful breed. Let's take a closer look at Jerseys, known as us cattle among cattle breeds.

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What's So Special About Jersey Cows?

The Jersey breed has been compared to Holsteins for years because the Holstein produces approximately more milk in a lactation cycle than the Jersey.

However, there is an important difference between the milk produced by Holsteins and Jerseys. One breed produces β-casein protein, while the other produces A2 protein. A2 milk is full of nutrients that help the body grow and develop. And it is not lactose intolerant.

Finally, the Jersey cow produces more milk with less feed, making them cost-effective dairy cattle.

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Is a Jersey Cow Dairy or Beef?

Many ranchers and dairy farmers raise jersey cows for their milk, while others raise them for their beef. That's because Jersey cattle have the best-tasting beef on the market.

How Much Milk Do Jersey Cows Give on Average Per Day?

Jersey milk cows yield about 1,860 gallons per lactation cycle.Jerseys can usually produce about 6 gallons of milk every day on average. This is a highly productive animal. The Jersey breed of dairy cattle naturally produces milk with higher concentrations of protein and calcium than average milk. More protein and calcium not only boosts the nutrition of Jersey products, but it also adds a richer taste, even to skim milk.

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So, How Do I Track Milk?

With the MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking System Milk Tracking module, you can easily track your milk yield and profitability, and group your animals according to their yield. Moreover, we do the integration of animals into the system free of charge for you. Click now to register to the system.

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