Ration in Lactation Period of Cows

Ration is a subject of great interest and curiosity among farmers. Especially cow lactation period ration is an important issue that affects milk yield and even the next calving period. In this content, we will examine all stages of the lactation period and what needs to be done.

Ration in Lactation Period of Cows

From Calving to Highest Lactation

Milk yield at the peak of lactation constitutes the potential annual milk yield. An extra kg per day at this point can produce an extra 200 kg of milk per cow over the whole lactation. In order to maximise milk yield at the peak, it is important to feed the cow well in early lactation. The most important of these is voluntary food intake.

Appetite at calving is only 50 to 70 per cent at most. This is because the space taken up by the growing calf during the dry period results in a reduced rumen volume and a reduction in the density and size of the rumen papillae.Appetite problems can last for 10 to 12 weeks.

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From Peak Point to Peak Intake

After the peak, cows' appetite increases slowly until they consume all the nutrients they need, provided good quality feed is used. Cows try to maintain their weight during this period.

Mid & Late Lactation

The energy required for milk is less demanding during this period as milk yield is reduced. However, pregnancy and the next lactation require an energy reserve and this energy is very important. The condition of the cow is more important in late lactation than in the dry period.

Ration in Lactation Period of Cows

Dry Period

Increasing body condition during the dry period is a possible preparation for early lactation. Because if cows calve with adequate condition, they can enter the cycle within two or three months afterwards. If cows with poor condition calve, milk production suffers in early lactation. Her condition cannot contribute to energy. So dietary energy can be translated into weight gain instead of being provided from existing weight loss.

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