The User-Friendly Cattle Tracking Software with 5 Key Features

In contemporary farms, tracking is generally carried out on Excel files or written in logbooks. Despite the widely popular nature of these methodologies, many difficulties arise when a need is felt by multiple people to make use of this system simultaneously.

Cattle Tracking Software with 5 Key Features |

For example, data entry by multiple people following dissimilar logic or failure of the same in comprehending what is written exactly in the same way leads to problems. What is more, although it is possible to create more than one reminder out of unrecorded data, such solutions cannot provide support in terms of reminders. For clarification of these matters, we have created a list of five items to show the importance of user-friendly MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software.

Insemination Date and Processes

Insemination of the cow is the root, hence the most crucial “job” of a dairy farming business. The cow giving birth to a calf means an increase in milk quantities delivered and an increase in revenues for the operation with milk sale proceeds. Right after entering the date of insemination, specifying the timing for pregnancy check-in, the system will ensure that you do not miss the insemination time, with email notifications reaching your inbox ten days prior. The same applies to many other dates and times, such as drying off times, expected calving dates, and so on, each of which can be assigned by the system, automatically. You can even retrieve a list of animals that will need to be examined or checked within the next two weeks, with a single click.

2. Examination and Vaccination Reminders

Your happiness depends on the health and welfare of your cattle. The health conditions of your animals are very important for their milk yields, recovering / defeating mastitis or breeding. With 20 different varieties of examinations preconfigured in the Cattle Tracking Software, you can easily specify which animal of yours should be checked at which time and for what. Besides, you can track which vaccine to be applied to your animals both by individual animals and as a whole group. What really matters is being able to carry out the “preventive” procedures deliberately before the outbreak of diseases, rather than intervening whenever they occur. The Herd Management System can automatically remind you of the preventive action, since it knows your entire herd.

3. E-mail Notifications

It is possible, in the ordinary course of business at a dairy operation, that a particular group of tasks can sometimes be inadvertently ignored or omitted despite obviously being in front and awaiting proper attention. Because of such situations, disturbances may occur in the work site order, which may, in turn, upset your motivations dramatically. At a single moment, you may feel pushed into a blind corner in despair by the pressure of things running in their usual order. Fortunately, MilkingCloud Cattle Tracking Software would never let that happen, by coming to your aid with prompt and intuitive email notifications to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing about your animals’ examination and vaccination rendezvouses. Furthermore, MilkingCloud Herd Tracking Software provides a convenient and handy means for you to receive email reminders of your animals getting close to a scheduled pregnancy check or delivering calves or that needs to be dried off.

4. Milk Report

It is quite essential to track the milk reserves of the dairy operation. There must have been occasions on which you wished to access your previously entered milk data at any time you desire. With opportunities provided by the Cattle Tracking Software, you can display and review your Milk Report, and in it, the milk yields of your animals whether individually or in groups by morning, noon and evening, within any given time frame you choose.

5. Reporting

You can organise all the information about your animals and compile them in reports on PDFs or Excel sheets to your liking. You can send the generated reports to any person you desire and easily investigate to reveal your operations in their current and final state. You can keep track of your animals down to the slightest detail, with information such as Animal List, Animal History, Milk Reports, Herd Overview, Sperm Statistics, Insemination and Birth Reports and Former Animal reports.

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