• Dairy Farm Management App

Dairy Farm Management App

How is work dairy farm management app? What is dairy herd management app’s advantages? What is the deferent dairy data software and dairy com management?

19 Dec 2022   |    Dairy Farm Management App, dairy cow management system, dairy data software, dairy herd management app

Dairy Farm Management App

MilkingCloud wants to make the lives of dairy farmers across the globe easier. We’ve achieved this by developing our own dairy data software and it’s unlike anything the markets have ever seen. With our dairy herd management app, you’ll find several helpful tools that simplify certain processes on the farm.

Looking for cow mastitis? Our solutions can help with that. Need a dairy cow management system that eliminates wasted time? Then MilkingCloud solutions have the answers for you.


Gone are the days of having to manually track key performance indicators for your business. Now, with our dairy cow management app, you can easily manage every phase of your farm in a single location. Using our dairy data software will save you time, money, and the tremendous hassle of tracking every facet of your farm.

MilkingCloud’s dairy farm management app gives you several ways to monitor different parts of your farm. Whether it’s tracking pregnancies, mastitis, food rationing, or overall herd management, MilkingCloud has developed the perfect solution to manage it all.

You can find more information on our cow software by clicking the product link. You’ll be sent to the software page that gives you all the data you need to decide whether it's for you or not.

Aren’t you tired of having to repeat the same process over and over again? Wouldn’t it be better if you can streamline your farm's operations in one place? Well, it’s all possible with MilkingClouds dairy solutions.

View our product selection and find the right software for you and your farm. We have options for all sorts of cattle farming software that’s ready to help you right away. Trust us, once you’ve integrated the software into systems, which we can do for free, everything will just get easier from there!

Let our experts reach you for further details about and procurement steps of the software.

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Herd Management

Herd Management

With MilkingCloud, you may record all data relating to each of your animals and group and accordingly generate listings of them.

Examination & Treatment

Vaccination and Treatment

You may now scan vaccination and examination records with cloud-based software.

Breeding and Insemination Monitoring

Insemination Tracking

You can monitor breeding and insemination processes to attain suitable breeding ratio and ensure healthy growth of the herd.

Milk Yield

Milk Yield

You may track the milk production levels of your farm either in general or for individual cases, and obtain the animals’ milk yields, on desire.

Cost Calculations

Cost Management

You can manage ration costs and all other operating expenses, as well as income accounts relying on weight gain of animals, on a single screen.


Feed Management

Choose your rationing scheme to easily control feeding amounts for dairy and beef cattle.